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Level: Standard Grade
The Standard Grade Drama course comprises three elements: creating, presenting, and knowledge and understanding.  These elements will be an integral part of all units and programmes of study. The individual will work at Foundation, General or Credit Level.
  • In creating, pupils imaginatively respond to stimuli, using appropriate language and movement. In doing this they explore issues, opinions, themes, relationships and situations. Pupils must work effectively in groups therefore attendance is imperative.
  • In presenting, pupils share the products of their creative work, thus engaging in Performance and Theatre Arts. Presentations are usually a group activity, but the contribution of individual pupils can be identified.
  • In knowledge and understanding, pupils will acquire information, experience and awareness of skills in key aspects of drama.
The skills required at Standard Grade include self-expression, verbal and written communication, working with others, self-confidence, effective use of language, movement, theatre technology, personal reflection, written response and evaluation. Pupils are required to become flexible and versatile in their ability to respond to different situations. The course aims to develop a critical awareness of theatre. It also aims to encourage personal growth, an enriched understanding of drama and develop aesthetic appreciation and discrimination.
In S3 Units of work develop Drama Skills in e.g. Voice, Movement, Characterisation, Dance Drama, Drama Documentary, Improvisation. More difficult units will be attempted in S4 to utilise previously developed skills. This enables pupils to build a Folio of class work and prepare for the final exam.
We try to offer pupils at all levels of ability the opportunity to have a relevant, interesting and rewarding experience together with the opportunity to gain a University recognised certificate. In return, pupils, to be successful, will need to show real personal commitment in the organising and maintenance of their own work, initiative in challenging areas of work e.g. research and attendance is crucial to the development of their Drama studies.
·Creating                                     -continuously assessed internally and externally by SQA.
·Presenting                                -continuously assessed internally and externally by SQA.
·Knowledge & Understanding  -continuously assessed internally and externally by SQA
                                                     using Written Folio and Written Exam in S4
It is important for pupils to realise that the standard and quality of class work is as important in Standard Grade Drama as the work in the final exam.
Pupils should expect varied regular written and practical homework e.g. preparation for folio pieces, as well as creating work for Presentation. In addition they will be expected to keep up a regular and supervised programme of Private Research and study. Pupils will be expected to experiment with the Creation of Theatre Arts e.g. Prop Making, Set Design, and Costume etc
This is a useful course for any student, as well as those who are interested in Drama as their further education choice, leading to a career in Theatre, Film, Television, Media or Teaching.