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Whats Happening@Hyndland 
Whats Happening@Hyndland
21 Sep

S4 Study Skills Materials

All S4 students received their first parental report on Friday 18th September via email. Detailed on the accompanying letter was information about core study skills which all young people in S4

04 Sep

Update - 3rd September - Face Coverings in school

As we approach the end of the first week where pupils are required to wear face coverings in communal areas and in corridors walking between periods, we have staff stationed at the main entrances encouraging

28 Aug

Face Covering advice from Mon 31st August

Following an update from the Scottish Government – from Monday 31 st August all young people and staff should wear a face covering when moving through corridors and when in busy social areas in school

25 Aug

S1 Parents/Carers - Newsletter - August 2020

Dear S1 Parents/Carers Please find below a link to a newsletter for the month of August containing some key information which we feel would be beneficial for you to know about. We will send home

14 Aug

Our new school day timings

As previously intimated during the week beginning 3rd August please see important information about about the structure of our school day: Staggered Start and Finish Times for Different

11 Aug

One Way System - August 2020

A new one way system has been introduced in our school building to help ensure young people and staff are kept safe. Please find below a link to a booklet which new S1 will receive to help them navigate

07 Sep

Show my Homework and Showbie

Please find below some information which we feel would be helpful for parents and carers in supporting their child's learning at home and the completion of homework. If any parent/carer would like a

01 Sep

S1 School Photographer

On Wednesday 2nd September Tempest Photographers will visit the school to take individual photographs. Young people will be given a time slot to visit the school library for their photograph to be taken.

27 Aug

Advice from Greater Glasgow Health Board - Covid Symptoms/Testing

Dear Parents/Carers Please find below a link to information for parents/carers from Dr Linda De Caestecker regarding the latest advice for parents and carers with regards to suspected Covid or the

17 Aug

Presentations from Student Inductions - August 2020

During the week beginning Wednesday 12th August, all students at Hyndland Secondary School attended a 2 hour induction session to help prepare them for their return to school. The sessions focused on

13 Aug

Parental Meetings / Visitors to building

Unfortunately at the moment due to guidance issued we are not conducting parental interviews in school unless absolutely necessary, this is by appointment only or in the cases of emergency. Please

11 Aug

Fuel Zone Arrangements - August 2020

Dear Parent/Carer School Meals Payments Interim Arrangements Introduction Glasgow City Council is driven to reduce the exposure to cash handling in our establishments and during

Senior Phase College Prospectus  
Senior Phase College Prospectus

The session 2020-2021 Senior Phase College Prospectus is now available for students and parents to view.  This can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Click here to download the College Prospectus


Students can register by clicking on the link below:





Social Media 
Social Media