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Keeping our young people safe

Welcome to our Safe Guarding and Keeping Our Young People Safe section of our school website.  We will post relevant and helpful information here about how families and adults can help to keep our young people safe. 


Please click on the link below to access our Child Protection and Safe Guarding Information leaflet which is issued to visitors of the school.


Keeping your Young Person Safe online 

The Parent Zone website ( offers an array of services and resources to enable teachers to educate their pupils on how to stay safe online, what to do if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation and how to build digital resilience.

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone and CEOP providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.  They have produced various guides on how to keep your child safe on various digital platforms including gaming sites and social media sites.  The useful infomation guides can be accessed on the following website


Parents and Carers guide to sharing images (secondary) 



Water Safety Advice for Young People and their Famiiies

The RNLI website contains some fantastic resources for families and young people about water safety.  There is a dedicated section on identifying possible risks for young people and what steps they can take to overcome the risks.  This can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Supporting your young person's mental health


The Young Minds website has some fantastic resources to help both young people and also families support good mental health.

On the website there is an A-Z guide for parents in supporting their child's mental health - this can be accessed via the link below:

There is also a parents infomation phone number as well as a live webchat that families can access if they wish support or advice and signposting towards support services.





Advice for children and young people to help keep safe online and to know what to do when things go wrong.
Telephone: 0800 11 11


A website featuring films, learning activity and information to help young people keep themselves safe from sexual abuse and exploitation


UK Safer Internet Centre
Online safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe online.


CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection
A safe and secure place to report if you have been a victim of sexual online abuse or you’re worried this is happening to someone you know.  Many sites have the report to CEOP button.

Welcome to - Keeping our young people safe
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