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Study Skills Advice for Parents

Welcome to our Study Skills section of the school website which is aimed at helping parents to support their young person's learning at home.   This section of the website aims to provide some practical advice for families in study techniques that can be used at home in preparation for assessments and SQA examinations.  We hope you find this useful.


Supporting your child with their Senior Phase Exams - an overview of support being provided in and out of school for all senior phase learners - October 2021


1. Study Skills advice booklet - this useful advice booklet has been created by Mr Gillies and Mr Greer and aims to provide some tips and guidance on how parents can help to support their young people at home with their private study.


2. The Pomodoro Study technique (see film 5 also below)


3. 5 habits of an effective learner


4. Study Skills Videos - we are delighted to present a number of videos which have been created by Mr Tulloch (English Department) and some of our S6 Captains.  More of these will follow but we hope you find these useful:


Film 1 - Flash Cards 


Film 2 - Note Taking 


Film 3 - Auditory learning 


Film 4 - Mind Maps 


Film 5 - The Pomodoro Technique 

Film 6 - Top Tips from our S5 students on how they study at home for subjects 

Film 7 - Top Tips from our S5 students on how they study for specific subjects 

Film 8 - Top Tips from our S5 students on how the school supports them in preparation for exams