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Supporting Digital Learning - pupil iPads

Digital Update - August 2021 - Mr John Gillies - Digital Leader of Learning at Hyndland Secondary School 

IPad Use

As we are now settled into a new term it is important that students remember to adhere to the following expectations when in possession their iPad:

  • Bring both the iPad and the supplied charger into school every day unless told otherwise. The iPad should be charged fully at the start of each day. 
  • Look after my iPad carefully at all times and keep my iPad in its supplied case and store it in an appropriate school bag when outside my class.
  • Immediately report any technical problems, damage, loss or theft to the school office.

iPads are an incredible tool to support students with their learning on a daily basis and your help with ensuring that your child’s device is ready for the school day is greatly appreciated. The full list of expectations can be found on the User Agreement Form below.


iPad Support

We understand that technology sometimes might not work the way it should so in order to support our students, we have a range of measures available to pupils if their device encounters issues.


Digital Support Hub

Our school Digital Group have launched a Digital Support website where students can get technical support out with school in the first instance to try and get them back up and running sooner. The site will be updated periodically with help videos, created by pupils, to help with issues such as adding assignments to Teams and submitting homework to Satchel One.


Lunchtime Support

Whether a pupil has forgotten a password, or their iPad cannot download apps, the best way of getting help is by coming to our lunchtime support sessions. Sessions are every Wednesday lunchtime in A111.


iPad Deployments

We are currently waiting for pupil accounts to be transferred/created in order to deploy devices to our new enrolments and our S1 students. As this has to be completed centrally, the school has no control over when this will take place. We are in a position as a school where we are ready to deploy devices when the accounts are finalised.


Many thanks to our families who have already completed the user agreement form.  To support the deployment, we require every family to complete an iPad user agreement form - this should be completed by both the parent/carer and the student.  The form can be accessed below and is also available on our school website.




Welcome to our new section aimed at supporting both learners and their families with digital technology.   Our aim is to provide help and support with regards to the various online platforms that learners will be using on their school iPad. 

Film 1 - How to use Satchel one to support home learning 

Film 2 - How to submit and upload assignments on Teams



Welcome to - Supporting Digital Learning - pupil iPads
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