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Check here regularly for all the updates about what has been happening at Hyndland Secondary.

S1 Residential Experience - Barcaple - September 2018 - 25/06/2018 12:21:31
Our S1 Residential Trip for our new S1 students is due to take place on the week beginning Monday 10th September 2018 at Abernethy Trust Outdoor Centre in Barcaple, Dumfriesshire. Pupils will attend ... (Read more)
Hyndland Expedition 2018 Departs! - 17/06/2018 12:15:43
Our Hyndland Expedition team depart today for Ecuador & Galapagos! You can find information, including flight details etc using the Expedition Page on the Science Faculty page by clicking ... (Read more)
Changes to Pastoral Care House System - 15/06/2018 15:45:15
From session August 2018, our house system will change, as we will have four houses rather than five. These four remaining houses are Lomond, Rannoch, Katrine and Torridon. Pupils who are currently ... (Read more)
S3 Full Reports & S3 Profiles - 15/06/2018 08:53:54
During the week beginning Monday 18th June 2018 S3 students will be issued with their full parental reports. These reports indicate progress made this session during their third year in the broad general ... (Read more)
S1 & S2 Summer Reward Trips - Monday 25th June 2018 - 11/06/2018 09:38:45
All students in S1 and S2 have been invited to sign up for a Summer Reward Trip which will take place on Monday 25th June 2018. The students have been given the following choices: * M & Ds ... (Read more)
Communication with Parents - Groupcall Messenger - 11/06/2018 08:39:12
Students in all year groups have been issued with packs which contain a leaflet, letter and forms for completion regarding the implementation of groupcall at the school. Glasgow City Council, Education ... (Read more)
S1 Full Parental Reports - 29/05/2018 08:52:57
On Tuesday 29th May all S1 students will be issued with full parental reports. This report provides a detailed over view of a young person's progress and attainment in S1 for each subject area. Parents/carers ... (Read more)
S1 IDL - Celebration Event for Parents - Wed 6th June 5pm - 29/05/2018 08:47:20
On Wednesday 6th June at 5pm in the Airlie Theatre a celebration event will be held for S1 parents and carers. The purpose of this is to celebrate the achievements of S1 students during IDL week which ... (Read more)
P7 Induction Days - 22nd and 23rd May 2018 - 03/05/2018 08:02:25
As the final part of our induction process for Primary 7 pupils, pupils are invited to attend Hyndland Secondary for a two-day “timetabled experience”, when they will follow a typical S1 day, meet some ... (Read more)
S1 and S2/3 IDL Week - 14-18th May 2018 - 02/05/2018 17:11:49
During the week beginning 14th to 18th May 2018 all students in S1, S2 and S3 who are not participating in either the London or Blairvadach Trips or involved in Bronze Duke of Edinburgh will be involved ... (Read more)
S3 Assessment Diet - May 2018 - 02/05/2018 11:57:56
Students in S3 have been issued with timetables today during the year group assembly for the upcoming Assessment Diet of S3 Exams. Students will undertake assessments under exam conditions in the Games ... (Read more)
S1 & S2 Summer Reward Trips - 30/04/2018 09:38:57
During this week all students in S1 and S2 will receive a pack containing information about the upcoming Summer Reward Trips which will take place on Monday 25th June 2018. Students will have a choice ... (Read more)
Senior Phase SQA Revision Master Classes - Timetable - 30/04/2018 08:48:43
During the SQA Examination Diet in May a number of revision master classes will take place to provide students with additional support from subject specialists ahead of each examination. Students in ... (Read more)
New S5 students - RME Conference - 1st June 2018 - 30/04/2018 08:18:50
On Friday 1st June new S5 students should report to Hyndland Parish Church at 9am for the annual Senior RME and Values Conference. This will run from 9am until 12.30pm . During this time students ... (Read more)
S4-S6 SQA Exams Parental Letter - 23/04/2018 10:20:55
Parents of S4-S6 students should by now have received a pack of information posted home from the school regarding the upcoming SQA diet of examinations. Below is a list of important dates of upcoming ... (Read more)
S6 leavers activities - Leavers Ceremony & Paintballing Trip - 23/04/2018 08:26:49
On Thursday 26th April our S6 students will attend a Leavers Celebration Event in Hyndland Parish Church starting from 1.30pm onwards. Parents and carers are invited to attend this special event to ... (Read more)
Hyndland Expedition 2018 Info Online - 29/03/2018 10:13:49
Many thanks to all the parents who attended our Hyndland Expedition 2018 Parents Information Evening this week. Information, including the video presentations can be found on the Expedition Page ... (Read more)
S1-S3 Merit Event - March 2018 - 22/03/2018 14:13:05
On Thursday 29th March a number of students in S1-S3 will be involved in the next merit event. This will be an in-house movie with pick and mix sweets and goodies. The 30 students with the highest ... (Read more)
SQA My Exams Booklet 2018 - 22/03/2018 14:04:49
Students in S4-S6 will be issued with a paper copy of the 'My Exams 2018' Booklet in school which is produced by the SQA. This booklet tells you what to expect, what to do, and how you will receive ... (Read more)
Music Department - Chamber Orchestra Concert - 28th March 7pm - 22/03/2018 10:28:53
On Wednesday 28th March the Music Department will be hosting a Chamber Concert stating at 7pm in the Airlie Theatre. The students and instructors have been working extremely hard preparing for this ... (Read more)
Senior Phase - S4-S6 Spring Revision Programme - 22/03/2018 10:21:45
Students in S4-S6 have been issued with a paper copy of the Spring Revision Programme which will run during the Easter Holidays here at Hyndland Secondary School. Within the booklet students have ... (Read more)
S2 Parents Meeting - Wednesday 18th April 2017 - 16/03/2018 10:33:38
Our S2 Parents Meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th April 2018 starting from 4.15pm onwards. Students will be issued with individual appointment sheets on Monday 26th March to allow them to make ... (Read more)
‘Lots of doors open to you when you study a language.’ That was the message from Strathclyde University ‘Language Ambassadors,’ who came to visit S2 pupils in March. Four language students ... (Read more)
Word Wizard competition 2018 - 08/03/2018 14:18:51
Word Wizard is a multilingual national spelling competition open to S1-S3 pupils learning French or Spanish. The benefits of taking part in this fantastic opportunity include developing skills in vocabulary ... (Read more)
Modern Languages Awards 2018 - 08/03/2018 14:18:27
On Friday 9 TH February, ten pupils from S1-S4 attended the Modern Languages Awards hosted by Glasgow City Council at the City Chambers. They were there to collect awards for their efforts in either ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Supported Study Timetable 2017/2018 - 07/03/2018 08:20:27
Please find below the link for the full timetable of supported study which ran before Christmas and is continuing in the run up to the final SQA Exam diet. This will also be posted later onto the individual ... (Read more)
SNOW UPDATE - SCHOOL REOPENS Monday 5th March - 04/03/2018 10:53:05
The school will reopen on Monday 5th March, at 8.45am. Roads and pavements continue to be slippy in the local area and we would remind everyone to take care when out and about. It may be ... (Read more)
School Closed Friday 2nd March - 04/03/2018 10:46:04
The school will remain closed on Friday 2nd March, we hope to return to normal on Monday weather permitting. Departments have been busy uploading work to SMHW for young people. ... (Read more)
SCHOOL CLOSED THURSDAY 1st March - 28/02/2018 13:25:15
Following a further update from Glasgow City Council, the school will remain closed for a second day due to the snow. The building will be closed for both students and staff. Work and revision ... (Read more)
SCHOOL CLOSED DUE TO SNOW - 28/02/2018 08:06:27
Following instruction from Glasgow City Council, the school will be closed today due to snow. More information will follow. ... (Read more)
S1 English Trip - Stratford-upon-Avon - 27/02/2018 11:46:48
S1 students were issued with a letter at the year group assembly yesterday regarding an opportunity to attend an English Department trip to Stratford-upon-Avon in August 2018. Students who are interested ... (Read more)
S2 and S5/6 Curricular Information Presentations - 26/02/2018 17:20:21
The presentations from both the S2 and S5/6 Information Evenings held on Thursday 22nd February can now be found on the school website. Please select the approriate year group from the top menu bar ... (Read more)
S1 Ski Trip - January 2019 - Letters issued today - 26/02/2018 17:13:12
Current S1 students were issued with a letter today during the year group assembly from Ms Lawson who works in the PE Department. The letter contains information for parents about the Annual Ski Trip ... (Read more)
An Evening With Doug Allan - 25/02/2018 15:55:21
Tickets are now available for our third Spero Meliora Evening Lecture will take place on Friday 16th March 2018 with Doug Allan. Doug Allan is one of the world's best nature cameramen and has ... (Read more)
S1 Music Opportunity - Brass Instruments - 19/02/2018 11:50:37
On Monday 19th February during the S1 Year Group Assembly, Mr Gordon, Principal Teacher of Music, informed the S1 students of an exciting opportunity to learn more about playing a brass instrument. ... (Read more)
Primary 7 Open Evening - Thursday 15th March 2018 - 6pm - 19/02/2018 11:40:13
On Thursday 15th March 2018 our annual Primary 7 Open Evening will take place. The aim of the evening is to provide parents and students with an opportunity to visit classrooms across the school and ... (Read more)
S5/6 Parental Reports - Issued on Thursday 15th Feb 2018 - 14/02/2018 15:12:01
S5 and S6 students will be issued with their latest tracking reports on Thursday 15th February 2018. These reports reflect recent results of the prelim diet of examinations which took place in January ... (Read more)
Hyndland News - January/February 2018 - 14/02/2018 08:15:33
Students were issued with the latest school newsletter 'The Hyndland News' during the week beginning 5th February. An electronic copy of this can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: http://www. ... (Read more)
S2 Course Choice Information Letter - 09/02/2018 11:56:44
S2 students were issued with a letter regarding key dates in the S2 options process. On Thursday 1st March S2 students will attend a careers fayre in the school where they will be given the opportunity ... (Read more)
S2 and S4/5 Information Evening - Thursday 22nd February 2018 - 05/02/2018 09:05:33
On Thursday 22nd February two information events will be held for parents, carers and students. The purpose of each evening is to provide parents and students with information about the Options Choice ... (Read more)
S4 Parents Meeting - Thursday 15th February 2018 - 05/02/2018 08:30:04
S4 students have been issued with letters and appointment sheets for the upcoming S4 parents meeting due to take place on Thursday 15th February 2018. The evening will begin at 4.15pm and will continue ... (Read more)
S2 Blairvadach Trip - 14th-18th May 2018 - Parental Letter - 24/01/2018 07:42:47
On Tuesday 23rd January, Mr Hall from the PE Department attended the S2 assembly to provide information to the students about an exciting opportunity to attend a trip to Blairvadach Outdoor Educational ... (Read more)
S1-S3 Early Secondary Programme - Glasgow University - Wednesday 17th January - 15/01/2018 16:40:52
Students in S1-S3 have been issued with a letter regarding input from the University of Glasgow this coming Wednesday (17th January 2018). The programme will be delivered over a 2 period lesson which ... (Read more)
Celtic Connections - S2 Concert Opportunity - Thursday 1st February - 09/01/2018 17:20:49
S2 students have been provided with a letter today regarding an opportunity to attend a free concert at the Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 1st February. The concert is called 'Blazin Fiddles & RSC ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Prelim Timetable and Masterclass Timetable - 09/01/2018 10:11:42
On Tuesday 9th January, all students in S4-S6 have been issued with a pack of information regarding their forthcoming diet of prelim examinations which start next week. During the 2 weeks that the ... (Read more)
2017 Football Review - 20/12/2017 10:27:55
... (Read more)
Christmas at Hyndland - 20/12/2017 09:22:47
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents, carers, staff and students for their support this year - we have had another great year at Hyndland and very much look forward to starting ... (Read more)
HPV Vaccinations - January 2018 - 20/12/2017 08:34:26
On Tuesday 9th January 2018, the school nurse and wider health time will visit the school to undertake HPV vaccinations for female students in S1 and S2. Girls in S1 have already attended an assembly ... (Read more)
Updated Final Draft - Assessment Diet Timetable - 13/12/2017 10:41:55
The final draft of the Senior Phase Assessment Diet can now be accessed by clicking on the link below. Students have been accessed with a final draft of this earlier in the week. Senior Phase ... (Read more)
2018 School Calendar - 12/12/2017 18:52:36
As part of our ongoing school fundraising campaign, we have released a special calendar for 2018 featuring artwork from a number of students from across the school. The calendar has been sponsored by ... (Read more)
Parent Council Fundraising - Easy Fundraising - Hyndland Secondary School - 04/12/2017 09:48:43
As part of the continued support that our Parent Council provides to the school with fund-raising we are delighted to announce the creation of the school's easy fund-raising page. If parents/carers ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Assessment Diet Timetable - January 2018 - 04/12/2017 08:53:49
Students in S4-S6 will be issued with a paper copy of the Senior Phase Assessment Diet Timetable of prelims which will take place from Monday 15th January up to and including Friday 26th January 2018. ... (Read more)
S1 Parents Evening - Nov 2017 - Workshop Materials - 20/11/2017 08:40:46
Many thanks to the parents and carers who attended the workshop during the S1 parents meeting on Tuesday 14th November. The workshop provided parents with an overview of Show my Homework - the electronic ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Supported Study - week beginning 20th November 2017 - 20/11/2017 08:34:34
Please find below a link to the S4 and S4/5 Supported Study weekly calendar for this week starting on Monday 20th November. With the prelims only around 9 weeks away this is a perfect opportunity for ... (Read more)
S4-S6 Supported Study - Timetable for w/b 6th November 2017 - 06/11/2017 08:08:46
Our Senior Phase supported study programme starts this week for students in S4, S5 and S6. Many subjects are offering a range of options for the students to help support them as they prepare for their ... (Read more)
National 5 Course Assessment Changes - 2017 - 31/10/2017 08:42:36
Please find below a very useful resource for parents/carers and students in S4-S6. This document highlights the main changes which have been made to course assessment in the National 5 courses with ... (Read more)
S1 parents meeting - Tuesday 14th November 2017 - 31/10/2017 08:33:12
On Tuesday 14th November our first meeting will be held for parents and carers of our S1 students. Students will be issued with letters and appointment sheets on Tuesday 31st October and will be given ... (Read more)
S1-S3 school merit system - 26/10/2017 10:05:24
The school website has now been updated to provide information on our school merit system which operates for S1-S3 students. Information is also available in the Hyndland News this month. Our ... (Read more)
S3 Parents Meeting - Wednesday 1st November 2017 - 24/10/2017 08:24:57
Our annual parents meeting for S3 students will take place on Wednesday 1st November starting at 4.15pm. Students have been issued with both letters and appointment sheets so that they can make individual ... (Read more)
Mark Beaumont is Coming to Hyndland - 23/10/2017 16:30:18
At 9.20am on Tuesday 24 th October we will be releasing tickets for the first in a series of special Spero Meliora Lectures as part of our school fundraising campaign! This will be exactly 78 day, 14 ... (Read more)
Bag Packing Fundraising - 22/10/2017 18:13:55
On Saturday 21st October, a number of our senior pupils and members of our Hyndland Expedition team, joined by Mr Downie and Mrs Hayes, spent the day bag packing at Sainsbury's in Drumchapel. Over ... (Read more)
Tesco Bags of Help - We are in the final! Please help us win! - 11/10/2017 17:34:07
We have made it through to the final of the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Application competition. During the months of November and December can we please ask all parents / carers and friends of our school ... (Read more)
School Merit System - S1-S3 - October 2017 - 11/10/2017 15:12:43
The first cut off date for our merit count for S1-S3 students was Friday 6th October. Following this, the 30 students with the highest number of merits from August - October in S1-S3 have been invited ... (Read more)
Our Vision, Our Values, Our School - in PE - 11/10/2017 15:04:55
S1 students have been working hard in PE in recent lessons discussing expectations and standards for being successful in the subject. The students worked in groups looking at the visions and values ... (Read more)
Quiz Night - 09/10/2017 12:01:51
Our school quiz night took place on Friday, 6th October, at Hughenden. The event, which kicked off our Spero Meliora Fundraising Campaign, was a huge success with £1233.50 raised thanks to a fabulous ... (Read more)
S4 Exams Success Evening - Presentations - 03/10/2017 08:11:02
The presentations from our S4 Exams Success Evening held on Thursday 28th September can now be downloaded via the links below. Many thanks to all the parents/carers and students who attended the evening ... (Read more)
European Day of Languages - 29/09/2017 08:36:43
European Day of Languages is celebrated every year on 26th September. It is an opportunity to alert the public to the importance of language learning; increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding; ... (Read more)
Primary 7 Information Evening - Thursday 5 October 6pm - 26/09/2017 17:34:38
Our first primary 7 transition event will be held on Thursday 5 October starting at 6pm in the Airlie Theatre. The event is aimed at parents/carers of primary 7 children and will provide some basic ... (Read more)
S4 SQA Exams Success Evening - Thursday 28th September 6pm - 26/09/2017 17:29:05
All parents/carers of our S4 students are invited to attend our annual SQA Exams Success Information Evening which will take place this coming Thursday (28th September) starting at 6pm in the Airlie ... (Read more)
Hyndland News - August/September 2017 - 19/09/2017 09:21:35
The latest edition of the Hyndland News school newsletter can now be accessed on the school website. Students were issued with paper copies of this last week. As you can see from reading the newsletter ... (Read more)
Russian Language Club - 07/09/2017 19:58:54
Russian language lessons will commence on Friday 29th September during lunchtime in L120 with Ms Stylianou. ... (Read more)
Modern Languages Trip - 07/09/2017 08:28:39
The Madrid trip will again be running this year during IDL week. The trip is open to S2 and S3 pupils with 30 places available. Cost of the trip will be around £550. Price includes: Warner brothers ... (Read more)
S1 students not attending Residential - Outdoor Learning Day - 05/09/2017 18:22:49
Today all students in S1 who are not attending the Residential Experience to Barcaple next week were issued with both a letter and a consent form. On the Wednesday of next week (13th September) we will ... (Read more)
S3/S4 Football - 04/09/2017 20:03:56
After an enjoyable and succesful season last year, football is back! You can keep up to date with all football related matters at Hyndland by clicking HERE or by following @HyndlandFoxes ... (Read more)
Rights Respecting School coming soon to Hyndland - 31/08/2017 17:58:39
Hyndland Secondary is delighted to announce that we will be working towards achieving recognition as a Rights Respecting School this session. Parents will receive a letter over the next few weeks and ... (Read more)
Live at Lunch - Monthly Music Performances - 31/08/2017 17:54:37
The Music Department are starting something called Live at Lunch. This is a monthly performance series starting this coming Tuesday 5th September at 1pm in the Airlie Theatre. All pupils are warmly ... (Read more)
S2 STEM Roadshow - 4th September 2017 - 31/08/2017 17:10:43
On Monday 4th September period 6 all S2 pupils will attend a STEM Roadshow presented on behalf of BAE Systems, the RAF and the Royal Navy. The roadshow has been designed to engage pupils in STEM subjects ... (Read more)
School Photographs 2017 - 31/08/2017 17:08:12
Tempest Photography visited the school on Thursday 31st August to take individual photographs of students in S1 and S4. Every student photographed has been provided with an envelope containing at least ... (Read more)
Fund-raising - Quiz Night - 6th October 2017 - 31/08/2017 16:56:47
On Friday 6th October 2017 our school fund-raising campaign will be kicked off with a Quiz Night which will be held in Hughenden. Tickets are on sale via the School Office at a cost of £5 per ticket. ... (Read more)
School Calendar of Events - 2017-2018 - 31/08/2017 16:44:33
The School Calendar of events has now been posted onto our school website for session 2017-2018. This calendar provides details of all parents meetings and information evenings planned for this session. ... (Read more)
S2 London Trip - May 2018 - 29/08/2017 08:07:05
At the S2 year group assembly held on Tuesday 29th August, Ms McGuire from the English Department spoke to S2 students about an exciting opportunity to attend a trip to London in May 2018. The trip ... (Read more)
School Counsellor Service - 29/08/2017 08:03:31
At year group assemblies during the week beginning 28th August, our school counsellor Franny Mawditt has been speaking to each year group to highlight the service which she provides in the school for ... (Read more)
S1 Homework Club - Wednesday 3.10-4.00pm - 29/08/2017 07:56:58
Our S1 Homework Club will begin for the new session on Wednesday 30th August. The club runs weekly and is open to all S1 pupils. The timings for the club are 3.10pm until 4.00pm and it is held in the ... (Read more)
S1 Information Evening - Thursday 24th August 2017 - Presentation - 25/08/2017 10:10:02
An Information Evening was held on Thursday 24th August at 6pm for parents and carers of our new S1 pupils. The purpose of the evening was to provide further information about our upcoming S1 Residential ... (Read more)
S3 and S4 core time information for parents - Session 2017-18 - 22/08/2017 08:12:20
During this session S3 and S4 students will undertake planned learning during core time each week. S3 Core Time: The programme for S3 will consist of blocks of learning which the students ... (Read more)
Parent Council Meeting - Thursday 31st August - 21/08/2017 09:15:09
The first meeting of our Parent Council will take place on Thursday 31st August at 7pm in the school library. All parents / carers are welcome to attend this meeting. The dates for the coming ... (Read more)
Extra curricular opportunities at Hyndland - S1-S6 - 18/08/2017 11:55:20
Students will be given information over the next few weeks regarding the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available here at Hyndland Secondary School. Our S1 students will find out about ... (Read more)
S1 Residential Trip to Barcaple - 11th-15th September 2017 - 17/08/2017 17:06:19
During the week beginning Monday 11th September 2017 our S1 students will attend their first residential trip as a member of Hyndland Secondary School. The trip is a fantastic way for our new students ... (Read more)
S1 Information Evening - Thursday 24th August 6pm - 16/08/2017 10:01:24
We would like to extend a welcome to all of our new S1 parents/carers and students to attend an information evening on Thursday 24th August at 6pm. The event will be held in our Fuel Zone and parents ... (Read more)
New S1 Transition Day - Glasgow Life - 10th August - 27/06/2017 12:00:00
On Thursday 10th August, Glasgow Life will run a transition afternoon for our new S1 students who are due to join us in the new session in August 2017. The purpose of this event is to allow the students ... (Read more)
SQA Information / Publication of Results - 27/06/2017 10:38:45
Pupils will receive their SQA examination results on Tuesday 8th August 2017. On Thursday 10th August , members of the Pastoral Care Team and Senior Leadership Team will be in school to meet with ... (Read more)
S3 XL Stars - 19/06/2017 11:43:49
A huge THANK YOU to our S3 XL group, who worked really hard to raise £91.87 to donate to the Whiteinch Food Bank. Thank you so much for your diligence and generosity Tariq, Declan, Sam, Ben, ... (Read more)
Lisbon Lions Trophy Finals - 08/06/2017 09:37:54
Well done to our S1/S2 team who reached the semi final of the inaugural GSFA Lisbon Lions Trophy at Celtic Football Club's training ground at Lennoxtown. The event, which was organised by Mr Downie, ... (Read more)
Election Day Arrangements - Thursday 8 June 2017 - 31/05/2017 09:34:46
Students have been issued with a letter from the head teacher outlining arrangements for next Thursday (8th June) in the school due to the building being used as a Polling Station for the UK General ... (Read more)
Primary 7 Transition Information Evening - 24th May 2017 - 24/05/2017 22:47:04
Many thanks to the parents, carers and primary 7 children who came along to our final P7 into S1 transition Information Evening on Wednesday 24th May. The event began with an introduction from our head ... (Read more)
Hyndland News - school newsletter - May 2017 - 22/05/2017 09:14:15
The latest edition of the school newsletter 'The Hyndland News' can now be downloaded from the school website by clicking the link below. Students have been issued with a copy of this. http://www. ... (Read more)
S2/S2 IDL Week - 15th -19th May - Detailed Information - 12/05/2017 00:17:23
Starting on Monday 15th May and running until Friday 19th May learners in S2/3 will be involved in a week of inter-disciplinary based learning activities. Many of our S2/3 learners will be involved ... (Read more)
S1 IDL Week - 15-19th May - Detailed Information - 12/05/2017 00:05:40
On Monday 15th May all learners in S1 will begin a programme of learning for the week focusing on the John Muir Award. The aims of the week are as follows: To encourage students to reflect ... (Read more)
Lisbon Lions Trophy - 11/05/2017 21:59:01
THE Glasgow Schools’ Football Association together with Celtic and Hyndland Secondary School are launching The Lisbon Lions Trophy, to honour the 50th Anniversary of Celtic becoming the first ... (Read more)
S1-S3 IDL Week - 15th-19th May 2017 - 09/05/2017 07:53:47
Starting on Monday 15th May all students in S1-S3 will be involved in a week full of activities focused on inter-disciplinary learning. A number of trips will take place during this week which include: ... (Read more)
S4/5 Parents Information Evening - Thursday 11th May 2017 - 09/05/2017 07:45:36
On Thursday 11th May 2017 starting at 6.00pm in the Airlie Theatre an information event will be held aimed at S4/5 parents/carers and students. The purpose of the evening is to provide information and ... (Read more)
SQA Exam Timetable and Masterclass Timetable - 02/05/2017 08:03:03
SQA Exams start on Tuesday 2nd May for our S4-6 students. We would like to wish them the very best of luck with these exams. The timetable can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Reminder that ... (Read more)
New Minibus - 28/04/2017 13:59:08
We were delighted to collect our new school minibus from Arnold Clark this week. They have kindly donated the bus to the school for 12 months and we will be running a number of fundraising events ... (Read more)
S2 Reports and Parents Meeting - 27/03/2017 08:11:01
S2 students will be issued with their full reports for this session during the week beginning 27th March 2017. They will also receive a letter regarding the upcoming S2 Parents Meeting as well as ... (Read more)
S6 Class of 2017 - Leaving Activities - 22/03/2017 17:43:49
On the afternoon of Thursday 27th April our annual S6 Leavers Ceremony will take place. Parents/carers are invited to attend this celebration event where we mark the end of S6 with students in class ... (Read more)
Word Wizard competition - 22/03/2017 12:25:57
Word Wizard is a multilingual national spelling competition open to S1-S3 pupils learning French or Spanish. There have been a number of pupils attending lunchtime sessions in order to develop ... (Read more)
Your Exams 2017 Booklet - 22/03/2017 09:39:13
Students in S4-S6 will be issued with a copy of the SQA 'Your Exams 2017' booklet on Friday during tutor time (S6) and SQA Assemblies (S4 and S5). The booklet contains a timetable for the SQA exams ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Easter School Supported Study - 21/03/2017 17:07:59
S4-S6 students have today been issued with a copy of the Senior Phase Easter Revision School Programme. Pupils are required to sign up in advance. Please click on the link below to find out which subjects ... (Read more)
S3 Volunteering Fayre - Saltire Awards - 13/03/2017 15:34:04
On Monday 20th March a number of voluntary organisations within our local community will be visiting the school as part of our S3 Volunteering Experience which will be held in the Games Hall at lunchtime. ... (Read more)
Science Supported Study - 10/03/2017 10:03:54
Science Supported Study Plan N5 Physics – Thu 3.20 – 4.20 Miss Neilson - technique Week 1 multiple choice Week 2 'explain' questions Week ... (Read more)
S2 into S3 Options Booklet - 09/03/2017 09:28:18
All students in S2 have now been issued with the S2 into S3 Options Booklet. This provides information about each subject which is delivered in the S3 curriculum at Hyndland and details the skills developed ... (Read more)
Hyndland News - Newsletter - March 2017 - 09/03/2017 08:39:08
The latest edition of our school newsletter 'The Hyndland News' has now been issued to all students - please check the school bags. Online version can be accessed by clicking on the link ... (Read more)
SSFA Schools Quality Award - 07/03/2017 12:23:07
Scotland manager, Gordon Strachan, has sent his personal congratulations to the school, the staff and players who have been awarded the SFA Schools Quality Award for Football. He said: “Congratulations ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Supported Study - Feb-Easter - Science Department - 27/02/2017 14:18:53
The Science Department have extended their programme of Senior Phase Supported Study for February up to Easter. Please click on the link below to find details about Supported Study being offered by ... (Read more)
S2 Options Information Evening 2017 - Presentations - 24/02/2017 08:21:38
Our Information Evening for S2 parents/carers took place on Thursday 23rd February. During this event Mr Greechan, Depute Head for S2, provided an overview of the process. Mrs Pollock, from the Pastoral ... (Read more)
S5/6 Parents Meeting - Thursday 2nd March - 21/02/2017 12:39:24
Our annual parents meeting for S5/6 parents/carers is due to take place on Thursday 2nd March 2017 starting at 4.15pm in the main Lauderdale building. Students have been issued with appointment sheets ... (Read more)
Primary 7 Open Evening - 16th March 2017 6pm - 21/02/2017 12:31:42
Our annual Primary 7 Open Evening will take place on Thursday 16th March starting at 6pm in the Airlie Theatre. We would be delighted to welcome along all primary 7 children and parents/carers. During ... (Read more)
Modern Languages Cinema Trips - 17/02/2017 10:43:50
The Modern Languages department organised a further two cinema trips in February. The first trip was for S1 French pupils as a reward for their consistent effort and positive behaviour. Pupils had the ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Supported Study - February - April 2017 - 16/02/2017 08:49:54
The next block of Senior Phase Supported Study for all students in S4-S6 starts again next week (Monday 20th February). There is a huge amount of support on offer to our students to help them prepare ... (Read more)
S2 Parents - Options Information Evening - Thursday 23rd February - 08/02/2017 18:21:59
On Thursday 23rd February 2017 we will hold an information evening for parents/carers of S2 learners. The purpose of the evening is to provide parents and carers with an overview of the S2 options process ... (Read more)
S4 Parents Meeting - Thursday 16th February - 08/02/2017 18:10:13
Our annual parents meeting for S4 parents/carers is due to take place on Thursday 16th February 2017 starting at 4pm in the school. Students have previously been issued with appointment sheets so ... (Read more)
Hyndland News - School Newsletter February 2017 - 08/02/2017 18:02:14
Our first Hyndland News of 2017 was issued to students during this week and should hopefully be found in the school bags if you haven't already received your copy! As you can see from it there is lots ... (Read more)
Modern Languages Awards - 07/02/2017 16:12:06
Congratulations to the following S1/2 pupils who were successful in receiving a Modern Languages award at the City Chambers on Friday 3rd February for their efforts in either French or Spanish: ... (Read more)
Business Brunches: Inspiring Scotland's future global workforce - 25/01/2017 12:46:43
10 young people from S3 had the opportunity to engage with local businesses at the University of Strathclyde on 13 January 2017. They heard from a range of business leaders who view language skills as ... (Read more)
S4-S6 Master class timetable - 13/01/2017 14:28:14
During the two weeks of the Assessment Diet for S4-S6 pupils running from Monday 16th January to 27th January inclusive, a series of revision classes will be timetabled which students are encouraged ... (Read more)
S4 French cinema trip - 08/12/2016 08:20:27
30 pupils from S4 French had the opportunity to attend a film screening of La vie en grand at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Thursday 1st December. They enjoyed the themes of the film which included the ... (Read more)
Christmas Events at Hyndland - December 2016 - 02/12/2016 07:51:17
As usual this Christmas there will be lots of events happening in the school with many opportunities for our young people to be involved. Please find below a list of the main events taking place over ... (Read more)
The Hyndland News - School Newsletter - December 2016 - 02/12/2016 07:47:09
The December edition of our school newsletter, the Hyndland News, can be now be downloaded from the school website. Students will receive a paper copy to take home on Friday 2nd December. Please check ... (Read more)
Sponsored Silence - 29/11/2016 20:41:07
1D tutor group completed a sponsored silence during Pupil Support Time for 20mins for a whole week! They raised £160!!! This was rather difficult for some of the pupils! The sponsored ... (Read more)
Word Wizard - 24/11/2016 08:34:50
Word Wizard is a multilingual national spelling competition open to S1-S3 pupils learning French or Spanish. Do you want to develop your skills in … • learning vocabulary? • pronunciation? ... (Read more)
S3 French cinema trip - 24/11/2016 08:32:32
30 pupils from S3 French had the opportunity to attend a film screening of La Famille Bélier at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Thursday 10th November as part of the Into Film festival. Pupils and staff ... (Read more)
Course Outlines and Assessment Dates - S4, S5 and S6 Courses - 23/11/2016 16:59:57
Parents will receive a copy of Course Outlines along with the full S5/6 parental report this month. These outlines are very useful because they contain the key dates for all internal and external assessments ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Assessment Diet - January 2017 - Calendar - 14/11/2016 19:39:29
Our Senior Phase Assessment Diet of exams will take place in January 2017. The calendar can be found by clicking on the link below. Students will be issued with an additional timetable in December ... (Read more)
Children In Need 2016 - 14/11/2016 19:35:09
As previous years, the school is currently fund-raising for the annual BBC Children in Need fund Appeal. Ms Lake is working alongside a number of staff as well as the School and House Captains to organise ... (Read more)
Parent Council Quiz Night - 09/11/2016 12:42:48
Our Parent Council have organised a Quiz Night on Friday 18th November to raise funds for our school. The event will be held in Hyndland Bowling Club and begins at 7pm. Tickets are priced £5.00 and ... (Read more)
S1 Homework Club - Wednesdays 3.10-4.00pm Library - 03/11/2016 11:27:26
A new S1 Homework Club will be launched on Wednesday 23rd November. It will be held weekly in the library and will run from 3.10pm until 4.00pm. Students will be able to complete homework in a quiet ... (Read more)
Senior Phase Supported Study Programme 2016-2017 - 02/11/2016 16:38:50
Students will be issued with a document detailing the wide range of supported study classes available in the run up to both the Assessment Diet of preliminary examinations in January. There is a huge ... (Read more)
Día de los Muertos - 02/11/2016 10:10:49
S2 pupils have been learning about the traditions and cultural aspects of Día de los Muertos in Spanish lessons. They have designed an " altar de muertos " with the " ofrendas " in honor of the dead. ... (Read more)
S4 Exam Success Evening - Thurs 27 Oct - Presentations - 31/10/2016 18:43:45
You can now find some of the presentations from our Exams Success Evening which was held in the Airlie Theatre on Thursday 27 October 2016. We are very grateful for the fantastic attendance at this ... (Read more)
S4 Spanish cinema trip - 27/10/2016 10:02:19
Both S4 Spanish classes had the opportunity to attend a film screening of La Novia at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Tuesday 25th October. Pupils and staff had a great time! ... (Read more)
University of Strathclyde Engineering Dept Talk - 26/10/2016 10:15:28
On Wednesday 26th October, two members of staff from the Engineering Department at Strathclyde University visited the school to speak to a number of students in S5/6 who are interested in pursuing a ... (Read more)
Advanced Higher French Trip to Strasbourg - 24/10/2016 18:00:04
In October 2016 some of our Advanced Higher French students were selected to attend the Euroscola Trip - a number of Glasgow schools were represented. The students from Hyndland were accompanied by ... (Read more)
S4 Exams Success Evening - 27 October 2016 6pm - 13/10/2016 17:22:09
An Exams Success Evening is planned for Thursday 27 October at 6pm starting in the Airlie Theatre. The evening is aimed at predominantly S4 parents, however parents/carers of S5 and S6 students are ... (Read more)
S3 Parents Meeting - 10/10/2016 16:01:24
Our S3 Parents / Carers Meeting will take place on Thursday 3 November from 4.15pm until approximately 6.30pm. Students will be issued with appointment sheets following the October break. Many thanks ... (Read more)
Extra Curricular Activities at Hyndland - 10/10/2016 15:56:40
Last month all students in S1-S3 were issued with a copy of our Extra Curricular Activities Booklet. This booklet details all clubs and activities which are running at Hyndland both during the day and ... (Read more)
SQA Exam Timetable 2017 - 10/10/2016 15:50:15
Please note that the SQA timetable for the 2017 exams can now be accessed either from the school website or from the SQA website. Exams will run from Tuesday 2 May up to and including Friday 2 June. ... (Read more)
Scottish Apprenticeship Show 2016 - 10/10/2016 15:44:44
On Tuesday 11th October a group of students in S4-S6 attended the Scottish Apprenticeship Show at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow along with Kate McMahon, our Skills Development Scotland Careers Advisor ... (Read more)
Primary 7 Information Evening - 6 October 2016 - 10/10/2016 15:32:05
On Thursday 6 October 2016 an Information Evening was held for all primary 7 parents and carers from our learning community schools. The evening began with an introduction from our Head Teacher, Ms ... (Read more)
Which Way Now - 16/09/2016 14:22:30
Please find below the presentations from the "Which Way Now" careers event on Thursday 15th September. UCAS and personal statement Mrs Forrester Presentation with dates Parents Presentation ... (Read more)
Barcaple Trip: New S1's in August - 08/06/2016 11:38:43
Information for new S1 pupils starting in August 2016 As most of you would know from your recent visits, in September you will have the chance to take part in the trip to Abernethy Outdoor ... (Read more)
Senior Phase College Courses - 23/02/2016 12:42:42
Senior Phase College Courses Glasgow School College Partnership 2017-18 Glasgow City Council Schools, in collaboration with our local colleges are offering a broad portfolio of part-time ... (Read more)
Absence reporting procedure - 20/04/2015 14:24:45
Education Services is looking to improve the way parents and carers inform the school their child will be absent. From October 2014, we piloted a dedicated pupil absence reporting telephone line with ... (Read more)
SQA Exam Procedures - 13/02/2015 11:39:25
The following letter covers several important aspects of the SQA exam process, including: Exceptional Circumstances during exam period Post-Results Service (Clerical Check and Marking ... (Read more)
S2 Stopframe Animation - 19/01/2015 12:00:46
Our talented S2 pupils in Computing & Business have been creating stopframe animations - think Wallace and Gromit, Morph etc. The pupils work in groups painstakingly capturing scenes, moving them ... (Read more)
S6: UCAS Personal Statement Guide - 09/09/2014 15:20:18
Download a word version of the guide here ... (Read more)