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Science Faculty

Welcome to Hyndland Secondary School Science Faculty! 

By clicking the buttons below, or the links on the right hand side of the page you can access further information on our BGE curriculum, as well as the discrete sciences in the senior phase. 




Throughout all areas of the science curriculum offered at Hyndland we aim to enable learners to become scientifically literate citizens who will recognise the impact of science on their lives, the environment and society in order to allow them to understand and engage in topical scientific debate. At all levels of the science curriculum, learners will develop skills for learning beyond the science classroom as they prepare for life long learning and employment. 

You can view our Useful Tips for Parents Leaflet by clicking HERE

You can view the S5/S6 Options Presentation by clicking HERE

Science Staff 2019/2020



Mrs Toal // Biology (FH)

Mrs Hayes // Physics (DHT)

Mrs McManus // Biology

Mrs Samuel // Biology

Mrs Kennedy // Biology

Mr MacVicar // Biology

Ms Mullen // Biology 


Dr Smith // Chemistry

Mrs Charters // Chemistry (Acting FH) 

Dr Peden // Chemistry

Mr McLaughlin // Chemistry

Mr Kennerley // Chemistry

Mr Swan // Physics

Mr Lowe // Physics 

Mr Wasik // Physics 

Science Department Online

As a faculty, we are continually trying to evolve our online resources and communication, and this part of the school website is very much still under construction, however we hope that as it becomes populated that you will find it both useful and informative.

In line with the whole school iniative to move homework online, the science faculty is now using Show My Homework, and all our pupils can access this through their Glow login. Parents/Carers will soon be able to access their pupil's homework using a pincode being issued by the school. Until then, you can see an overview of the school homework diary by clicking HERE

Your young person has access to a wide range of educational resources through their Glow login to help support their studies at home, some of which are listed on the left hand image.


We also have an ever growing online library of revision resources on our Science @ Hyndland website which include past papers, summary notes, revision questions and much more. 

Although as a faculty, we firmly believe that technology has a huge part to play in education, we would like to remind all pupils and parents/carers of our mobile phone policy. Pupils should not have their device out in class unless they have been given instruction to do so by their class teacher. 

We hope that all parents/carers will support us in promoting the available online learning resources to their young people and encourage them to regularly consolidate there class work with independent study. 

You can stay up to date with everything happening within the faculty by following us on Twitter or Instagram. (@HyndlandScience)

Not on social media? Keep checking back here to see our Twitter feed below for regular updates on what is happening in the faculty!