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Science and STEM Career Information

When choosing your subjects it is important to consider what you might want to do when you leave school as well as your own interests, passions and strengths. Science and STEM subjects offer you opportunities to develop a wide range of transferable skills and also provide a pathway to go on and study these subjects further to consider a career in Science/STEM. 

Each year there are more and more exciting job opportunities involving Science and STEM and within our own city, Glasgow’s Economic Leadership define the key sectors for Glasgow’s economy as:

• Low Carbon Industries

• Engineering

• Life Sciences

• Finance & Business Services

• Tourism

Higher/Further Education Developing STEM skills will ensure you are well equipped to pursue future careers in these growth areas. Oxford Economics project a 4% growth (42,600 jobs) in STEM related employment in Scotland from 2015 to 2027. Much of this growth concentrated between 2021 and 2024 when many of you will be starting your careers. The UK has a shortfall of approximately 400,000 STEM graduates each year and so there are great opportunities for those wishing to pursue these careers.

In 2017 an estimated 804,000 people were employed in STEM related industries, including healthrelated business and activities, in Scotland, an increase of 6.5%from 755,000 in 2014.

STEM related industries accounted for 30.7% of all employment in 2017compared with 29.5% in 2014, including health-related businesses and activities.

There are 8 areas in which the UK has the potential to be a global leader:

• Big Data

• Satellites

• Robotics & autonomous systems

• Life sciences, genomics and synthetic biology

• Regenerative medicine

• Agri science

• Advanced materials and nanotechnology

• Energy & it’s storage

Where can you find more information?

The school's careers advisor is always available to disucss options and provide advice, and you will also find books, leaflets and help in the school library. 

You can find lots of information online via the following links to help you consider what you might wish to do after school:

My World of Work

Plan It

BBC Bitesize Careers

The following links will provide you with information on just a few of the many potential careers using Science with interviews and information provided by people doing these jobs:

Air Quality Consultant

Formula 1 Engineer



Crime Scene Examiner

Chemical Engineer

Atmospheric Physicist

Anatomical Pathology Technologist


Civil Engineer

Bird of Prey Specialist

Materials Chemist

Lighting Technician

Personal Trainer

Sports Scientist

Science Apprentice

Agricultural Scientist


Dental Nurse

Volcano Vlogger & Guide

Science Journalist

Electrical Engineer







Construction Manager

Solar Farm Manager

Laboratory Research

Nature Conservationist


Sound Technician

Wing Designer

Naval Architect

Telecommunications Engineer

Biomedical Scientist