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Free School Meals

Free School Meal and Clothing Grant Updated Information January 2023


Many young people at Hyndland Secondary School are entitled to Free School Meals - £1.90 per day toward the cost of food at school.  This soon adds up and in a year totals around £350 that you may be missing out on.  As a Parent Council we are aware that not all parents apply - in fact the number of young people receiving Free School Meals has fallen at our school. 


Here are some facts about Free School Meals.  We hope you will consider applying if you think your family may be entitled to this money.   


How is it paid?

A Q-Card will be issued to your young person allowing them to spend up to £1.90 per day.  As ALL our young people are issued with Q-Cards this system is very discrete.  In the past there may have been some embarrassment for young people as it was easy to tell who received free school meals.  With the system we have now, nobody knows.   


What can it be spent on?

The Q-Card can be used to buy food at school during breakfast, lunch or interval


Is my family entitled to Free School Meals?

Click the following link to find out,names%20and%20your%20annual%20income.



How do I apply?

Even if a young person already receives free school meals and/or clothing grant and the family circumstances have not changed you must reapply every year.  The application window opens in June each year and you should aim to complete this by the August.

If you are making a new application then you can do one of the following-

  • Apply online by clicking the link above.  You will need to register by creating a my gov account and complete an online form.  You will need to upload documents confirming eligibility.

You can use the same form to apply for a clothing grant, you need to tick the box to apply for both, otherwise you will need to complete the form again.


Can I get help filling in the form?

Yes.  You can contact your young person's Pastoral Care teacher and they can refer you to our Financial Inclusion Support Officer, Marija Arbetiere, who will arrange a face to face or phone appointment.  Or you can contact Marija directly – her contact details can be found by clicking the link below