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Free School Meals

Message from our Parent Council - 


Many young people at Hyndland Secondary School are entitled to Free School Meals - £1.90 per day toward the cost of food at school.  This soon adds up and in a year totals around £350 that you may be missing out on.  As a Parent Council we are aware that not all parents apply - in fact the number of young people receiving Free School Meals has fallen at our school. 


Here are some facts about Free School Meals.  We hope you will consider applying if you think your family may be entitled to this money.   


How is it paid?

A Q-Card will be issued to your young person allowing them to spend up to £1.90 per day.  As ALL our young people are issued with Q-Cards this system is very discrete.  In the past there may have been some embarrassment for young people as it was easy to tell who received free school meals.  With the system we have now, nobody knows.   


What can it be spent on?

The Q-Card can be used to buy food at school during breakfast, lunch or interval


Is my family entitled to Free School Meals?

Click Here to find out 


How do I apply?

 If a young person already receives free school meals, and the family circumstances have not changed, then there is no need to re-apply.

If you are making a new application then you can do one of the following-

  • Apply online by clicking here You will need to register and complete an online form.  You will need to upload documents confirming eligibility.
  • Apply using the paper application form which you can download here or collect from the school office.  Full instructions are included on the form which can be posted or emailed - along with the required documents - to Glasgow City Council.

You can use the same form to apply for a clothing grant.


Can I get help filling in the form?

Yes.  Come into school and your young person's Pastoral Care teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team will assist you


Do I need to re-apply every year?

No.  Glasgow City Council have simplified the system so that if you are entitled to Free School Meals you only need apply once.  Also - you can apply for a Clothing Grant on the same form. 


What food is available at school?

Our school provides a lunch service which offers a variety of meals and snacks within The Fuel Zone. A breakfast and mid-morning service is also available.  Halal and vegetarian options are provided and special diets for children with medical requirements can be agreed. 


What else should I know?

Even if your young person doesn't eat in school regularly, having Free School Meals may support you and your young person in other ways.  Our school receives over £1,200 per year for each S1, S2 or S3 young person in receipt of Free School Meals.  This funding (known as PEF) has helped our school in lots of ways including - 

·         part-funding a school counsellor

·         subsidising our study weekends

·         subsidising our S1 residential trips

·         funding additional time from support staff at the school.  


The take-up of Free School Meals at our school is falling although we believe that the number of young people who are entitled to this money has not fallen.  As a Parent Council we encourage any parents or carers who feel their family may be entitled to Free School Meals to apply. 


If you have any questions or concerns about applying for Free School Meals then please ask to speak to your young person's Pastoral Care teacher or a member of Senior Leadership Team at the school and they will be happy to help. 


Many Thanks

Hyndland Secondary School Parent Council. 


Further Information


Glasgow City Council Information on Free School Meals (click here)