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Our FARE Team at Hyndland


We are delighted to have 2 members of FARE working in our school to help support both our young people and their families.



Jenny Wainwright is our Full Time Youth Worker based here at Hyndland Secondary.


Here is some information from Jenny about her role in the school:

Hi, my name is Jenny - I have been working with Hyndland for over a year now and during this time I have delivered a variety of different programmes aimed at team building, building confidence, resilience and conflict management as well as 1-2-1 supportive sessions.  I have delivered and continue to deliver a number of different qualifications including:

  • SQA Employability award
  • SQA Personal Development Award
  • SQA Wellbeing Award 
  • Prince's Trust Achieve Groups

This year I will be offering more young people the chance to gain additional qualifications, giving everyone who leaves Hyndland the best chance at being successful young adults. 

SCQF qualifications including:

  • manual handling
  • health and safety in the workplace
  • first aid
  • mental health first aid
  • barista skills. 

I enjoy building positive relationships with everyone within the school and am proud to be a member of Hyndland Secondary School. 

My contact details are:  My phone number is: 07587 112 395.



Angela Boyle is our Family Liaison Officer who is based here at Hyndland from Wednesday to Friday.  On a Monday she is based in Thornwood Primary School and on a Tuesday she works in Hyndland Primary School.  More information about Angela's role as well as her contact details can be found below:



1-2-1 Supports with Young People:

The 1-2-1’s have continued and have grown in strength with young people now approaching FARE staff and asking for a supportive chat.  The Pastoral care team and the SLT are still our main method of referrals, but now we have become well-established within the school the barrier that was once there is now not a prevalent.  As before the 1-2-1’s are based around the young people’s wants and needs, some may opt for a chat where others will want to go for a walk.  There have been cases where young people really struggle to open up about how they’re feeling and FARE staff will then offer sessions where the young people take part in an activity and chat alongside this, make the 1-2-1’s less awkward for the young people.  These sessions are valuable not only for the young people but also for the school.  The counselling service offered within the school is over prescribed and it may take weeks referrals to be picked up, although FARE staff are not trained counsellors, we are mental health first aiders and sometimes the young people within the school just need a bit of extra support.  Information from the 1-2-1's are regularly fed back to pastoral care who then can use this information and make a decision on whether they should be referred to counselling/outside agencies.

P7 Transition:

Again we were unable to have the traditional P7 transitions the school would normally have due to restrictions; however; working in partnership with the primary schools and the head of transitions at the high school we were able to offer a full programme of activities the young people could attend, including enhanced transition visits for the young people and their families, this was beneficial for not only the families but also for the school as we were given the chance to work with smaller groups which meant we were able to get to know everyone better and fully support everyone who visited.  We once again offered tours around the school, team building activities and treasure hunts around the whole school.  These activities gave us the chance to meet the young people as well as introduced them to staff and the building in a less daunting manner.  FARE also visited Hyndland Primary and offered tailored team building activities to the P7’s, through this the young people built positive relationships with FARE staff which has been a very positive step going forward. 


FARE staff have continued to run the chat and chill club on a Wednesday evening which was initially aimed at the S1’s but has now been opened up to everyone within the school and is regularly attended by a number of the S1-S3’s.  This is a safe space for the first years to gather with their peers and build positive relationships.  When we previously delivered this, the group created a programme of activities they wished to see; however; the group now are happy to just have a safe space where they can meet with their friends, discuss their week and chat to the FARE staff.  A number of our young people have mentioned it’s nice to just meet their friends and new people without the pressure of having to take part in activities.   

Emergency First Aid and Mental Health First Aider:

FARE staff are both trained in emergency first aid and mental health first aid, both of which has been a great benefit to the school and has been used on a number of occasions.  Deputes and the Head teacher have referred young people to our care to gain vital support. 


School Trips + External Programmes:


The S1’s were given the chance to go to Auchengillan this year in replacement of the annual residential, which could not be run due to restrictions.  This trip offered a variety of activities including climbing, archery, grass sledging, nightline, etc.  The trips were taken in their register class and gave everyone the chance to build on the relationships that had already started to create.  FARE staff attended all 3 days, giving us the opportunity to witness the young people in a new environment and build positive relationships amongst the year group.  Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the experience and left with a new set of skills and friendships. 

Summer Holiday Programme

FARE staff were very lucky to be able to deliver a full programme during the summer holidays, offering an activity almost every day of the holidays completely free.  These activities included trips to Pinkston water sports centre, Blairvadach outdoor centre, Flip out, Spotty Dog outdoor centre and in-school activities which included: cook-alongs, gaming days, self-defence lessons, dance and ultimate Frisbee sessions organised in partnership with GlasgowLife.  These activities were offered to Primary 7 transitioning to S1 right up to S4 and were very well attended with FARE engaging with 135 young people over the summer.  We also offered specific sessions at Pinkston, for our enhanced transition young people, which gave them the chance to meet some of their peers as well as getting to know FARE staff better.   We received very positive feedback from everyone who attended the summer programme as well as their families.   


“It's not the end result that’s important, it’s the friends you make along the way – Young person”

“I felt so good this morning.  When I got home from Blairvadach I was shattered and went straight to bed, when I woke up, I felt amazing!”

“It’s so amazing how much has been put on over the summer – parent”


GLASGLOW Involvement

This year FARE participated in GlasGlow at the Botanical Gardens.  Young people in the school were involved with carving pumpkins that were later put on display as well as creating posters for the COP26 display.  This event is very well attended by people across the country and Hyndland were fortunate enough to gain 25 tickets for the event; these went to some of our most venerable families who would not normally get the chance to visit the event, due to the cost.


Ready Steady Cook involvement

FARE Staff supported the Hyndland's very own ready steady cook activity. This involved the young people creating and making their own recipes from fruit and vegetables that they had grown at the school.

Family Relations:

Angela is currently providing support to a number of families and the type of support provided is based on the family’s needs and wants together with what has been requested by the school.  The family support has ranged from directly working with parents or carers; working with the young person or supporting the family holistically. Angela has tailored the support based on what will help the families to successfully engage. Examples include visiting the families at home, meet in a local coffee shop, chat over the phone or via email. Angela uses this time to as a wellbeing check in and the opportunity to support the family whatever way the families feel they need it. 

Parent / carer support

Family support has ranged from supporting parents with mental health issues; support them, to support their young people, signpost to appropriate sources, support with funding applications or simply emotional support. Angela has worked in close partnership with local organisations such as the local carers centre, the Annexe, Glasgow life and Triple P to help further the support of parents/carers.  Families who have not been highlighted by school staff can also opt-in for support. The information leaflet below is passed on to families should they require support at present or anytime in the future. Angela provides support on a weekly basis but this support is currently being condensed to as and when available as Angela is only based in the Secondary 3 days per week.

Young person support

Angela works with a number of young people who currently have poor attendance and who don’t engage well with school. Support for the young person has included outreach support which involves Angela meeting the young person out with the school environment. The purpose of supporting the young person is to work towards building their confidence and resilience of re-engaging with school again fully. The support has involved meeting the young person at home, going to a local café, meeting at their local park or going for walks in and around the school area. Angela has successfully helped a number of young people to re-engage with school – albeit the engagement is limited but certainly a positive progress.    

Family engagement

Angela has set up a family engagement action plan that encompasses a range of resources that can be provided by FARE staff to help encourage families to engage with the school – particularly for families who have limited to no engagement. The plan has been backed by school staff and the school parent council. FARE staff has successfully held a coffee chat with parents/carers, providing them with the opportunity of social and emotional support as well as having access to support resources and signposting information.    

Family Learning:

Secondary Based Family Learning

With restrictions still in place, the family learning programme has been limited, we have met as a group several times to create a programme but have since had to adapt this.  In September FARE were a part of the ‘Meet the Hyndland Family’ event for the new S1’s and their families.  This event was held outside (in line with government guidelines) and was limited to a 12 families per block (6 blocks in total).  This provided us the chance to promote FARE’s work within the school, promote our summer holiday programme and answer any questions/concerns parents may have had.  The event was well attended and gave us the chance to establish a positive relationship with a number of families.  Additionally, given the positive relationships we had developed with several first years over the summer, they were able to introduce us their families and put a face to the name, they had heard so much about.

School Working Groups

Lead by FARE staff

  • Working with bottom 10% S4 – working in partnership with the CTG worker, we have targeted a number of young people who are at risk of not achieving any qualifications this year.  We have offered SQA Employability award level 4, Wellbeing award level 4 and the possibility of additional qualifications.  We will also be offering support to those who are struggling with their class work/exams with study plans and setting up support/1-2-1's from subject specialists.
  • S3 & S4 Achieve groups – This year FARE has taken on the responsibility of running the Princess Trust Achieve Groups.  The S4 group is delivered in partnership with the schools DYW worker, while the S3 group is strictly run by FARE and PSA’s.    
  • Catch up work with S5 – The S5 young people who didn’t manage to complete the Employability Award last year have been given the chance to complete this work this term, in the aim of getting them an additional qualification. 
  • S2/3 Confidence building, conflict management, resilience groups – The groups that was created last year, have continue to work through a programme created by FARE and will be looking to complete the Dynamic Youth Award in the new year.




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