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In response to parental feedback and to help our school reduce our carbon footprint, school news will now be posted on our school website on a weekly basis as well as on our school Twitter page @hyndlandsec   Keep an eye on the front page of our website and also on the section headed 'Hapennings at Hyndland' for any important news.

Please follow us on twitter to keep up to date with news and events at Hyndland.

Our Head Teacher will post a monthly blog on the website too with a round-up of events and happenings at Hyndland.  Stay posted for the first edition which will be posted during September.

Previous editions of our school newsletter 'The Hyndland News' can be found below.  Our school news will now be shared on our school website and twitter on a weekly basis. 

Session 2018/2019

  1. January / February 2018
  2. Spring - Easter Holidays (Key Dates)
  3. March / April & May
  4. August / September 2018
  5. November / December 2018


Session 2017

  1. December 2017 - Primary Transition Update
  2. October 2017
  3. September 2017
  4. February 2017


Session 2016

  1. November / December 2016
  2. October 2016
  3. August / September 2016