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S4 Key Dates & General Info

S4 Key Dates - Session 2021-2022

  • Week beginning 13th Sept 21Tracking Report 1
  • 21-Oct-21 Parents evening- Target
  • Week beginning 29 Nov 21 Tracking Report 2
  • 24th January up to and including Friday 4th February - S4 Prelim Assessment Diet 
  • Week beginning 21st February 2022 - Tracking Report 3 Issued to Families 
  • Thursday 24th February 4.15pm - 6.45pm - S4 Parents Meeting - NOTE NEW DATE! 
  • Thursday 17th March 6pm - S4 into S5 Course Choice Information Evening via Teams (Presentation below)
  • Tuesday 19th April April - Final S4 Working Grade Report issued to families 
  • SQA Formal Exam Diet - begins on 26th April and runs up to and including Wednesday 1st June 2022 
  • 22-Jun-22 Award Ceremony


SQA Information Evening Presentation - Monday 28th March 2022 - Delivered via Team to S4-S6 families


'My Exams 2022' booklet issued to all S4 from Friday 25th March onwards


S4 into S5 Options leaflet - issued to students (paper copy) on Fri 25th and Mon 27th Mar - emailed home to S4 families on Fri 25th March


S4 into S5 Course Choice Information Evening - Held on Thursday 17th March 2022


S4 into S5 Course Choice Planning Booklet - March 2022


S4 Tracking Report 3 Letter - 21st February 2022 and Parents Meeting Letter February 2022


S4 Letter for families from Head Teacher, Ms Edgerton - 20th January 2022


S4 into S5 Options Process - letter to families on 20th January 2022 and Options Timeline


S4 Prelim Assessment Diet Timetable (also available on your young person's S4 Year Group Team on Glow)


Your National Qualifications 2021-2022 Information Booklet from the SQA - December 2021

The information in the Your National Qualifications 2021-22 booklet tells you what you need to know about completing coursework, how to prepare for exams, and what will happen if exams are cancelled in 2022.

Your coursework, whether a project, portfolio or assignment, gives you the chance to show how well you know your subject and to gain marks that could make a difference to your final grade


S4 Tracking Report 2 - December 2021 

Young people and families were issued with their second tracking report via email on Thursday 2nd December.  They also received a helpful booklet on how they can prepare for their prelims in January 2022.


S4 Tracking Report 1 - September 2021 

All S4 families will recieve the first tracking report on Monday 20th September which will give an indication of how each learner in S4 is progressing with their National Qualifications.  Further information will follow in the accompany parental letter which will be issued with the report. 


Pre-prelim assessment diet – 25th October to 5th November

To help prepare our S4 learners for the prelim diet of exams in January, we will be running a pre-prelim assessment diet over a two-week period.  These will run during class time and young people will be issued with a timetable in advance to help support their revision at home.   The timetable for this assessment diet can be accessed using the link below. We will also post this on the S4 year group team.


Saturday Study Breakfast Support 

This year we will offer our ever-popular Saturday Study Breakfast Support – this will run weekly from Saturday 11th September to the end of November.  Young people must sign up in advance using the glow form which will be posted on their S4 year group team each week.  The sessions will take place from 9.30am until 12.00pm.  Staff will be in attendance to support and young people will have the opportunity to work in a quiet and supported environment.  

Online Study resources 

There are extensive study resources online available to support our senior phase learners.  Below is a summary of the support available


E-sgoil online Supported Study

Many of our S4 learners have already signed up for this fantastic support.   We would strongly encourage all learners to sign up for these sessions which will run from September onwards after school.  Young people sign up using their glow account and SQA candidate number (which can be found on the back of their school iPad) –  More information can be found on the S4 year group team. 


Senior Phase Information Evening – how families can support learning

We will be running an information session online on Wednesday 22nd September at 6.00pm for both S4 learners and families to attend.  The evening will provide an overview of latest SQA assessment information for National Qualification courses, we well as providing practical advice for students and families on how to be successful in the senior phase.  Further information will be posted on our school website, to families directly and also on our S4 year group team.


S4 Assemblies

August - how to be successful in S4

September - SQA Assessment Rules