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Financial Inclusion Support Officer

We are truly delighted to welcome Marija Arbeitere to Hyndland as our new Family Inclusion Support Officer.   

Families can contact Marija directly by calling 07564726309 or emailing


Marija's Role in our school:

Marija will work in partnership with the school and Citizens Advice Bureau to offer free, confidential and partial advice including benefits, energy and money advice to all families and young people in our school community.   

An entitlement such as Free School meals is worth £370.50 per year and the Clothing Grant in Glasgow is now £150 per child per year.

Marija can provide advice regarding Free School Meals, Clothing Grants, Benefit entitlement in general and has access to home fuel advice and employment advice. Marija can check your entitlements and support you to make claims or check on claims that you may be having problems with. 

If you are worried about money or debt, Marija can provide debt advice. This service is confidential.


Directory of support for families


Letter for families from Ms Letford to explain Marija's Role



Welcome to - Financial Inclusion Support Officer
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