Former Pupils

Greetings, this page is for former pupils to leave comments about their time at Hyndland Secondary.

Tell us the years you were here as well as any memories you have from your time here.

Obviously people will be attempting to reach old friends, please be careful with regards to sharing information online.

Left after 5th year in 1970 - Donnie Mathers 01/09/2014 22:43:20
Recognise a few names from the posted comments. Mr Gibb, Mr Short and Jim Francie to name but 3. And also staff Head Gillespie (Big Frank). For career development advice, he lined us up round his study and asked us each what we were going to do when we left. "Computers Sir" I stuttered. And so some kine of career was born. Nice to read others posts.

callum - callum white 11/08/2014 03:29:51
Hi "zeb":, long time 'no see.....remember maths with Mr Bowden-Smith?

Whatever happened to.......... - David Taylor 27/06/2014 00:22:22
The class of 1980, I'm trying to remember who I was at school with
June Finlay, Catriona Campbell, Tommy Lorraine, Lynne Aitchison, Colin Moulson, Alistair Fraser, Bruce Thompson, Edwin Mater, Michael Nelson, David Watts, Stelios Antscak?, David Houston, Alan Skelton, Audrey Edmiston, Beverley Hills, Gwen Courtney, Joan Ritchie, Lesley Glencross,

It would be good to have a reunion in 6 years time or maybe next year??

David. Taylor, London

school visit - ALISTAIR LAIRD 07/06/2014 20:06:40
Hi. I,ve just visited the school for the first time since I left . I,m Alistair Laird and attended the school from 1965 as primary and from 72 to 77 as secondary after it went comprehensive in 72. Completely unrecognisable but none the less great to look round with the aid of great commentary from some of the pupils and a couple of the teachers. If anybody here recognises my name and would like to say hello, feel free !

For Elspeth Lambie - Jean McGilp 13/05/2014 17:08:35
Hello, Elspeth..I was Jean Johnston and remember you from
school orchestra and also knowing
you when I lived in Thornwood Ave.and you lived in a big house in
what we called "The Doods"(no idea why?!!) Nice to see your note.
Bestg wishes, Jean(1st Violins,
Mr McKendrick's orchestra)

Anyone around - David Beveridge 07/04/2014 11:38:57
Hello I was a pupil at Hyndland from 1961 to 1965. I recently reunited with Iain Ferguson and Ian Tannahill after 50 years. It was a marvellous experience. If anyone recognises my name you can see what I have been up to on my website :

School camp at Helmsdale - allan nicol 02/03/2014 21:26:56
Just back from Helmsdale and a lady in the hotel correctly guessed that I was ex-Hyndland because I said I'd been at school camp there. She is wanting to hear from anyone who has memories of those days in the 60s - let me know and I'll pass on her details

Day the school burned down - David Atkinson 25/02/2014 14:26:00
I was at HSS from 1976 to 1982 - and whilst in 2nd/3rd year the 'old building' went on fire at lunchtime and the deputy head Mr Fisher lined us all up outside in the car park and demanded to which prankster had set the fire alarm off whilst we all looked over his shoulder as black smoke billowed up to the sky. Took 2 years to rebuild it and then the old building became the new building and the new building became the old building - teachers I remember with fondness Mrs Steele (French), Mrs MacDonald (English - highly strung but her heart was in the right place), Mr McKay- (Physics) who wonderd how I was so hopeless at anything to do with numbers!! Overall I enjoyed my time at HSS and did ok academically - should have been more musical probably looking back on everything - but with Mrs Lamb as a music teacher that wasn't going to happen - I'm sure she'd no longer around but for those that remember - she liked a wee drink!!!!

Miss - Angela 14/01/2014 01:33:38
Hi I have happy memory's hear. I got a great eduction even though I spent most of my time in school not paying attention now how did that happen lol. If hyndland could provide me with an education I am sure they will help with the next generation lol

Memories Past - Bill Redfern 30/11/2013 04:21:09
I attended HSSS from 1955-60. Joined RAF served 7 years including 3 at Woomera Rocket Range South Australia, returning in 1968. In 1970 I hitch-hiked back to Australia and have lived and worked in the outback with Aboriginal people till I retired in 2010. I did not see the benefit of further education in 1960 but have definitely benefited from the good basic education I received at HSSS.