Former Pupils

Greetings, this page is for former pupils to leave comments about their time at Hyndland Secondary.

Tell us the years you were here as well as any memories you have from your time here.

Obviously people will be attempting to reach old friends, but please be careful with regards to sharing information online.

Anyone from 1975-6? - Michael Gallagher 04/02/2015 02:39:34
Anyone remember me - especially Peter Chang and Eric Tomlin? It would be great to meet up sometime.

1959-64 - beryl (Grieve) 31/01/2015 21:22:09
came from Dowanhill P.S. with another Beryl( adamson) when we attended German class in 2nd year we were known an Beryl 'eins' and Beryl 'zwei' remember sitting beside Alasdair Buchan in German class

Missing ma pals - Don Adams 16/12/2014 14:29:19
I was at Hyndland from 1990-1999 gettin my few highers along the way. it was a gr8 place and i particularly liked the cupboard opposite the drama class where i could have a nap and hide from teachers like baldy black and alfie atkins.

1954-59 - Margaret Black 11/12/2014 22:49:02
Recognised some names, come from Laurel place, Partick, hello to old classmates.

1954-1957 - Irene Patterson 09/12/2014 14:11:21
Hi, I attended Hyndland Sen Sec from 1954-1957, coming from Chuirch St. Primary School. Teachers I remember were Mr. McIver (Maths), Mr McBeth (Wee Eck), and Mr Dawson ,Latin,(Killer), who had a habit of throwing the duster at anyone who was not paying attention. I think we were given an excellent eduction at Hyndland and had many really good teachers. If anyone remembers me, do get in touch. I lived in Partick Bridge Street for 24 years and still have fond memories of Partick.

Re Mary Cummings - Ann Hinshelwood 24/11/2014 09:39:47
Hi Mary, I don't remember you but I was at Thornwood Primary with a Margaret Cummings who left for Australia when she was around 9 yrs old. What a good friend she was to me. I missed her. Is she your sister or cousin? She will be 53/54 now. Ann hinshelwood

David Beveridge - autobiography - Jim Miller 1961-66 17/11/2014 12:01:59
As a follow up to the April posting from David Beveridge it may not be clear that David published his autobiography last year (Water Under The Keel) detailing his 41 year career as a mariner, rising from apprentice to Captain. There can’t be many FPs who have written an autobiography. I would recommend the book to classmates who knew David – my review on the Amazon website gives more detail. The book includes Hyndland class photos from 1961-62 and 1965-66 (I can put names to all those in the latter). After reading the book I made contact with David for the first time in 48 years and we met again last week.

Class of 72-77 - Alan Milmine 13/11/2014 14:47:21
Very rarely see anyone from my time at Hyndland Senior Secondary (I got in before it went comprehensive). Not seen any names I recognise so far but I'm sure you're all out there somewhere (Facebook anyone?). All I can say is I had a great five years there and amazed that we no longer have a uniform!! It was two of the belt for not wearing a tie in my day!!!! Still see Alan Sinclair and Stevie Menzies.

1962 -63 old boys (girls) - Ian Smith 09/11/2014 17:11:42
Hi I was at Hyndland from 58 to 63, looking for "Ghandi", Bill Campbell, Robert Fairley, John McClusky, Ian Millican - anyone there?

Remember me? 'an I'll try an remember u!! - Mary Cummings 25/10/2014 16:18:14
Mary Cummings attended Hyndland Sen. Secondary School as it was called then, being 1966-7/69-70, worked for a year b4 migrating to Perth West Aussie with my family as £10 tourists. Ma Betsy's that I can remember-Marie Sibbett also Linda I'm sure it was Thompson she had red hair & I'm sure she came from Ireland some yrs b4. The only other name I remember is one Eric Paget who was in 5th yr to our 3rd, but any photo's or names from this era would help gi-normously as my memory from then needs a bit of tweeting, then beware I will remember you all warts, skeletons & whatever.....anyhoo will check back & c if anything or one jogs ma grey matters memories....waiting in anticipation, tks Mexx