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Greetings, this page is for former pupils to leave comments about their time at Hyndland Secondary.

Tell us the years you were here as well as any memories you have from your time here.

Obviously people will be attempting to reach old friends, but please be careful with regards to sharing information online.

Fergy - James Fergus on (80) 12/06/2018 17:55:19
Started at HPS in 1943 and left in 1953.Been in touch with David May, now living in Cyprus, I live in Clydebank.A Mr Murray was Art teacher.Does anyone remember me.

Old seems forgotten - John Quinn 06/06/2018 20:44:02
Does anyone ever get replies to posts as they are very sparse are there any old class photographs to view? Memories are fading with age and picture can paint a thousand words etc

1963 - 1969 - Billy McBride 10/05/2018 11:35:19
I remember my days in HSS fondly and decided to look up the site as I am now back in Scotland after several years in Wales. Was lovely to see posts from people in my class (Ross Cameron and Tom Redpath) and mentions of various others. When there was captain of boys Bruce House and school Vice Captain if anyone remembers me.

School class pics - John Quinn 03/05/2018 12:40:17
hi to all who venture onto memory lane! My memory is kind of poor now for names but like many still have good memory for faces \so why cannot I find any on the forum? is it that I`m tech poor or is there no facility for posting pics of school class?

Memories - John Quinn 27/03/2018 16:22:05
At our ages now memory not as accurate but yes I still have a school photos of class 2b showing the 15 girls to 5 boys ratio sorry but cannot remember any names except Julia ?

1962-68 - Gibbie Campbell 09/03/2018 22:51:26
Started in 1B then 2F then 3D to 6th year. Best teacher: Happy Harry; geography. Remembering teachers Mr Pate, Mr Davidson, Miss Faitelson, Keith Morley Who I sell chat to in Milngavie. Happy Harry in Geography, Mrs Walker(Flossy) Friends Richard Glassford, George MacDougall, Ian Henderson (Hendy) plus others.

Former pupil - Shirley Tremble 06/03/2018 21:55:51
1961 -1966

June Wagstaffe - June Smith 26/02/2018 00:16:54
Hi. I was at HSS from 1970-1976. Going to school reunion in Oct. hope to meet some old classmates.

1966-72 - Murdo Maclennan 24/02/2018 13:23:28
Attended Hyndland after Thornwood Primary. Have met a few FP’s over the years more recently Evander Nicholson and Drew Robertson. Like most of age group now semi retired after career in private and public sector.
Returned to my Granfather’s croft in Lewis 32 years ago and am actively engaged in Crofting both in Lewis and Harris. Be good to hear from any school chums

1961-1966 - Rosemary Suddick (Dempster) 23/02/2018 21:09:28
Saw Andrew Young’s old post and it brought back memories of Miss Faitelson - French, Wee Peem - English, Mrs McRobb - German, Miss Watson - Maths. Pupils = Fiona Mitchel, Maxwell Donnan, Ian Smith, Tom Smith, Rita Farish, Alan ?, Alan Tall, Marilyn Taylor, Linda Mack. Heard from Tom Smith years ago and Marilyn Taylor. Wonder where everyone else is?

Class of 1962 - Jim Grant 09/02/2018 20:20:46
Hi does anyone remember me from 1962

Joan Duthie 1956 - Ken Horn 06/02/2018 04:37:59
Does anyone know what happened to Joan, I used to meet her a whiteinch baths.

The good old days 1956 -1959 - John Quinn 05/02/2018 18:58:29
Yes they were only 5 boys in the class of 2b can you remember Quinny?

Mrs - Isobel' nee Mcgarva 29/01/2018 23:04:51
Anyone remember me from s1 from 1958 till 1962 fond memories of wee Alec English teacher
1 1962 ti

Is that the Peter McLean of Kennoway Drive ? - Stan Russell 23/01/2018 16:14:54
Just going through Hyndland's FPs.If you are,I'm Stan Russell, we both ran in YMCA Harriers ?
I'd like to get in touch, For Auld Lang Syne.
This site has my e-mail address, contact them.

old pals - john quinn - Quinny 20/01/2018 16:41:42
does anyone no the whereabouts of Jimmy Miller

1961/1963 - Esther 26/11/2017 20:48:55
I had to leave to go to kings park where I moved to but never forgot class2F and Thor wood primary Esther duthie was my name then xxx

Sixth form 1962 - Jim Grant 17/10/2017 19:42:21
Anyone from this class still alive?

64/64 rowers - Roy Ferguson 26/09/2017 13:31:18
Hello are there still any 63/64 rowers out there

I attended HSS from 1971 until 1977. My Higher English teacher in 1976 was Mr Black.

Just a few days ago I met Mr Black and his wife walking along the promenade in Helensburgh and stopped for a chat. I had met Mr Black a couple of times in the same vicinity over the last 20 years and I am delighted to say that he looks well and is very sprightly. A true gentleman and he tells me he is teaching his grandchildren Higher English at the moment.

Kind regards


Re: Mary Cummings - Jim Francey 05/07/2017 18:31:06
I was at Hyndland Primary and Hyndland Secondary at the same time as you, Mary. I remember you well, and all the people you mention in your post. Best.

Great memories - John Collins 04/06/2017 21:48:09
I certainly enjoyed my time at Hyndland Secondary School in the 90s. I used to love playing the ball around the Lauderdale pitch with the sun on my back, and mingling with the locals at Peckhams at lunchtime! What I learned most was that it's imperative to look after your body. You don't see the kids on the continent with more than a pinch of fat. I loved the school gym that was introduced in my final few years, much appreciated. Quality times!

Hello - Jane Holmes 10/03/2017 04:46:35
Jean Knox my brother Robert Scott Gray attended same years as you 1946-1948. I was still in primary we left for Australia in 48.

Those were the days. - Ross Cameron 03/03/2017 10:14:54
I recall Jim McGill (broke the rugby crossbar with a header), Ronnie Gibb and Kenny Dummigan who have left posts. Left in 1968 and worked as a chartered surveyor with
Glasgow Corp then Hong Kong and finally Perth in Western Australia. Recently retired but remember the great teachers who helped me follow my career, Mr. Black,Mr.Anderson, Mr. MacIver and Ms Watson. I still run with the Hash House Harriers but won't forget the time at Hyndland.

1969-1974 - Morag Forsyth(nee McDonald) 14/02/2017 16:49:09
i have fond memories of HSS. iwas friends with Shirley Stewart, Linda Kirkland, athy McLeod, Christine McInnes and others. I also sat beside 'Doony McDonald' in Biology and we had competions as to who could get belted the most, we did nothing but giggle and laugh our heads off. we must have been a nightmare to teach !! i have fond memories of Mr.Browmlie (latin) who called us Bohunks or plebs when he was displeased. Mr Glen , history,was a great teacher and brought the subject alive for me.Mary Lamb,music, was a vibrant and colourful character.Mrs. McDonald, english.I would like to hear from anyone who remenbers me

former pupil 1960-67/8 - Joe Ross 11/02/2017 11:46:52
Hello, I'm catching up with old haunts and haunters. Where are you now...Alex Shearer, GordonBrown, Alaister Stewart, Billy Hamilton..? Hope you are all alive and kicking still. Are any of you swimmers still swimming?
best regards..Joe.

1955-1959 - Maureen Lipscomb (O'Dwyer) 16/12/2016 20:10:36
Happy days!! Teachers Mr Craig (Latin) Miss acPherson (Latin) aka Bella, Mr Dawson, Mr Hattie, Miss Leitch,. Headmaster was Mr Weir who went to become the Reverend Samuel Weir and I remember his 'talks'over the sound systemperature. Oh and Mr Young lining us up in the gym to practice dancing!!!Wonder how many of us are still around on this mortal coil? My last class was 4C.Definitely a good education from that place.

1963-1969 - Thomas Redpath 07/11/2016 23:20:11
We arrived in Glasgow from the Borders in 1956 and my brother and I attended Hyndland Primary until transferring to the Secondary school in 1963. In those days the Primary was still in the Airlie building. The teacher I have most to be grateful for was Clem Watson - without the grounding in maths I gained in her 6th year class I don't think I would have got through a physics degree at Edinburgh.

Class of 73 to 78 - Douglas McGorum 27/10/2016 09:58:15
Don't know if anyone remembers me but I have certainly a few happy memories of Hyndland Secondary. My most vivid memory was when the 6th years hijacked the tannoy system and advised the whole scholle that the monthly meeting of the "Suicide Club" was meeting in the Maths Class as always (Room 15 in the old building?) but that they were disappointed in the dwindling number of club members! Does anybody remember the nicknames we had for the teachers? I recall The Bean, Killer Miller, Sweaty Betty and Porkie. I had a schoolboy crush on Mrs Steele, the Geography teacher. She used to extend our horizons by getting us to learn some words of French sometimes via a French student who would encourage us to learn by promising us to teach us a French swear word if we performed well! I too recall the very sad day when the Art Class caught fire in the new building - I was particularly keen on art so it was a tragedy that all the works in that room were destroyed. I still keep in touch with Brian McGill, Douglas Thompson and Alistair Morton via Facebook. Happy Days.

Sheila Crichton - sheila crichton 26/06/2016 13:02:31
Hi I went to Hyndland from 1972 to 1974. I had a friend called Gillian, last name I can't remember. She often went to Castle Toward on residential trips for art and music. I would to get in touch. Sheila Crichton

Good memories from the late 60s - Stewart Lillie 14/06/2016 10:42:44
Was at Hyndland 1967 to 71 or 72 Can't be sure Memory not so good!!

1969 - 1975 - Agnes Munro 10/06/2016 21:24:03
Happy memories of school and some brilliant teachers. Mrs McRobb French (I can still recite my verbs)Mary Lamb Music, wonderful warm woman who gave me desire to perform on stage. Always encouraging. Mr Gillespie was the Headmaster. Browns the bakers at lunchtime or sometimes the café. Great school. I have worked in BT for 40 years come 16th August 2016. Happy to hear from anyone who remembers me and would love a school reunion. I am in touch with lots of others on Facebook from Hyndland.

Margaret McMillan - Margaret McMillan-Duncan 29/05/2016 01:37:08
Anyone remember Catriona Ross and Ina McFarlane? Where are they now? Would love to know. Primary and Secondary left Secondary 1973.

A Braw Education - Roy Smart 12/05/2016 22:30:55
Attended 1968 - 1974; prompted to write this after reading Linda Fabiani's posting on Scottish parliament website - aye,we remember that girl, good looking as he was; here's a wee roundup of memories - first fag in the toilets turning green; wiring the speaker system last day (aye, I was one of them); school dance prep with Paddy Young PE (aka gym) teacher, learned all these dances you get at celidhs now; Mr Dempster Head Physics coming in to SYS one day and accusing the 4 of us of firing a rocket at his window up Clarence Drive, he produced the class copy f a pysics book and pointed out the rocketry section had been well and truly thumbed (the man was clearly deluded); Mr Farrelly sadistic belter; Mr McIver Maths) 'Granny' Gray (Latin); Mrs McDonald (English; Mr Dunaby (Art) - yellow scooter; Mr Scott (Chemistry); Mrs Baird (Chemistry and yippee, ski club!); Mr Glen (History and yippee, Hillwalking Club aye in these days the teachers gave up a whole weekend; Mr Brownlee (Latin), a pint or two up the road with the sixth form at lunchtime; Mr Scruton (Geography) very fond memories of wandering around Anniesland doing SYS Geography project just me in the class was let loose on my own); well attended fights in the school lane after 4pm; PE and cricket at Scotstoun; and The Bean Frank Gillespie - if not lining you up round his study asking what you wanted to do, he would lift the bad boys single handedly up the wall and let go a volley of no nonsense verbal lashings (can only remember me being there once, he confesses); hung around with Brian and Gordon Hutchison, Bruce Barnett and Ken MacKenzie. Ghosts of all these teachers will be glad to know that I've been gainfully employed since Glasgow University, still married (cheers, claps) after 33 years to lovely Lesley and contributed 2 children to the human race. Och aye the memories are still there - happy I'm glad to say!

Friends reunited no more!!! - Ronnie Gibb 09/05/2016 13:11:24
It is ashane that Friends Reunited closed down as I met and talked to old mates due to this site. I was at hyndland from 1963 to 1970

GREAT MEMORIES - Jim Devine 03/04/2016 21:12:15
1971 - 1977
I loved being at HSS. Many teachers there were really super and I can recall many of them. I met Mr Black a few years ago and he was very fit looking. Also met Mr Dave Smith in 1998 and he looked very ill and frail. Mr Brownlie was looking tired when I saw him as well. Mr Glen looked quite fit. Best wishes.

Ian Elder 1947-1961 - Ian Elder 02/04/2016 01:47:28
I was at both Hyndland Primary and Senior Secondary. I remember classmates such as John McLean, Colin Dickie, Sandy Macleod, Callum ?. I remember a lady teacher in primary who used to give spelling tests and gave one of the strap for each wrong answer. I remember secondary school teachers like "eggo" for his balding head who taught history, :Killer" Dawson. After going to Strathclyde I ended up in Canada.

Bill Campbell 1958 to 1962 (ish) - Bill Campbell 30/03/2016 20:42:07
I well remember John McLuskie as a very useful rugby player but on the other hand I have no recollection of driving to school in anybody's car. I bow to your superior memory. I do remember driving my Dad's car to Scotstoun showground where I reversed it into a lamp post and that was the end of my driving days in dear old Glaswog. what a fine establishment Hyndland secondary school was - and still is I am sure

RE; ANN HINSHELWOOD - Lily Cummings 21/03/2016 06:34:07
Hi Anne, my name is Lily Cummings, Margaret's sister. I have sent her the link to get in touch with you. I remember you palying around with Margaret at Thornwood Primary before we left for Australia in 1971. Nice to hear from you, Margaret will get in touch with you soon.

Bill C - Bill Campbell 09/03/2016 23:13:19
I for one would be grateful to meet with John McL and all from that time.Bon Chance. Bill

Ford Consul indeed - Bill Campbell 09/03/2016 17:50:29
John Mcluskey I remember you very well but have no recollection whatsoever of driving to school in anything. In fact if you asked me. If I remember correctly (and the way things are going I might not) yo0u were a stalwart rugby player with whom I was greatly impressed. Those days with Jimmy Young as PE teacher were remarkable and I would n't have missed them for the world. Best of luck to oyu. Bill

1951-1963 - John McCluskie 29/11/2015 14:47:56
Came across Ian Smith's note. I remember him and the others he mentions. Robert Fairley was school captain in 1963. He and I were quite good friends. We used to go on cycling/youth hostelling tours. But lost touch after university. I heard he became a GP. Bill Campbell joined the RAF. He was unusual, if not unique, in those days. because he would drive himself to school in a big Ford Consul.

Former pupil - Elizabeth McLean 12/06/2015 20:43:59
I believe that my father, John McLellan, must have been one of the early pupils, having been born in 1911. Is there any way I can check this out?

1962-1967 - Dougie Barr 19/05/2015 08:25:44
I enjoyed my years at Hyndland even though myself and my friend, Andy Steele, were always getting called up to "The Beaks" office. We probably desrved it. The two headmasters during my time were Milne and Gillespie. I went to work for Thames TV as a cameraman in 1972. Now live in Esher, Surrey.

Sports history - T.R.Irvine (Ron) 28/04/2015 18:48:30
Iwas at Greenock Acad.Remember Hyndland as opponents esp. school sevens researching cups What was RS McColl cup for/
I see Ronnie Gibb involved in winning will appreciate any info I know where cup is

former pupil's memories - Margaret Gavin, nee Maclean 26/04/2015 12:48:36
Class:73 - 78
Decided to go down memory lane, saw David Atkinson's post re: fire in old building. I remember I used to have my lunch then work in the art room there, the art teacher used to lock me in so no others could get in to get up

to mischief ? Anyway that particular day my mother wanted me home for lunch. I remember walking up to the school on my return and seeing a big crowd outside, looking up I saw smoke billowing out from the art room. I can still feel myself shudder. I remember feeling sad, we were off school for a few days, then a few days of chaos, doubling up in classrooms in the new building. I remember the art murals in that art classroom that had been in progress for years were destroyed. They were great years though, Mr Gillesbie, the Bean was headmaster, i remember one year, probably near end of term when he was locked out of his office, by some senior lads, they hijacked the tannoy system and played Monty Python's Lumberjack song, it was heard throughout the building, there was uproar, from all the pupils, you could hear cheers and laughter from all quarters, the lads became instant heroes, although I'm not sure what the Bean thought. Remember the annual walk from school to church? When it was seen to be a mark of bravado to escape from the long procession, guarded by our teachers en route to church, one by one or two pupils would assess the situation and sieze the chance to escape down an alley or hide behind a hedge to escape the church service, some were caught and brought back into line, but others were professional and never got caught. There was also the end of term throwing water bombs from the upper balconies to the unfortunates walking along below. Great memories of both pupils and teachers. My brother Iain and I enjoyed our years there, if anyone remembers me I send best wishes to you.

Old School 68-70 - William Munro 11/04/2015 07:42:25
Hi to Jim Kelly I remember your sporting skills . I remember Linda Fabiani also( what make pupil doesn't ?) fond memories of football at Scotstoun: John Grey, Graham Smith etc. Academically I was terrible but happy memories... Gwen Ball where are you now????

1946-50 - Adam Brown 03/04/2015 06:35:29
I have happy memories of my time at HSSS. The headmasters were Samual Weir and David Carson. The teachers names I remember are Miss Reid and Mr McKendrick in the music department. Mr Main-( maths) was a football referee. Dr MacFarlane and Messrs Milligan and Hastie. Miss Grant taught English. Some of the teachers had returned from active war service. I used to play in bomb sites on my return from school lunch. Do you remember little bottles of milk that had sometimes been left in the sun? I sang two solos one in Partick Burgh Hall and the other at a carol service. Sound teaching stood me in good stead over the years ahead.

Anyone from 1975-6? - Michael Gallagher 04/02/2015 02:39:34
Anyone remember me - especially Peter Chang and Eric Tomlin? It would be great to meet up sometime.

1959-64 - beryl (Grieve) 31/01/2015 21:22:09
came from Dowanhill P.S. with another Beryl( adamson) when we attended German class in 2nd year we were known an Beryl 'eins' and Beryl 'zwei' remember sitting beside Alasdair Buchan in German class

Missing ma pals - Don Adams 16/12/2014 14:29:19
I was at Hyndland from 1990-1999 gettin my few highers along the way. it was a gr8 place and i particularly liked the cupboard opposite the drama class where i could have a nap and hide from teachers like baldy black and alfie atkins.

1954-59 - Margaret Black 11/12/2014 22:49:02
Recognised some names, come from Laurel place, Partick, hello to old classmates.

1954-1957 - Irene Patterson 09/12/2014 14:11:21
Hi, I attended Hyndland Sen Sec from 1954-1957, coming from Chuirch St. Primary School. Teachers I remember were Mr. McIver (Maths), Mr McBeth (Wee Eck), and Mr Dawson ,Latin,(Killer), who had a habit of throwing the duster at anyone who was not paying attention. I think we were given an excellent eduction at Hyndland and had many really good teachers. If anyone remembers me, do get in touch. I lived in Partick Bridge Street for 24 years and still have fond memories of Partick.

Re Mary Cummings - Ann Hinshelwood 24/11/2014 09:39:47
Hi Mary, I don't remember you but I was at Thornwood Primary with a Margaret Cummings who left for Australia when she was around 9 yrs old. What a good friend she was to me. I missed her. Is she your sister or cousin? She will be 53/54 now. Ann hinshelwood

David Beveridge - autobiography - Jim Miller 1961-66 17/11/2014 12:01:59
As a follow up to the April posting from David Beveridge it may not be clear that David published his autobiography last year (Water Under The Keel) detailing his 41 year career as a mariner, rising from apprentice to Captain. There can’t be many FPs who have written an autobiography. I would recommend the book to classmates who knew David – my review on the Amazon website gives more detail. The book includes Hyndland class photos from 1961-62 and 1965-66 (I can put names to all those in the latter). After reading the book I made contact with David for the first time in 48 years and we met again last week.

Class of 72-77 - Alan Milmine 13/11/2014 14:47:21
Very rarely see anyone from my time at Hyndland Senior Secondary (I got in before it went comprehensive). Not seen any names I recognise so far but I'm sure you're all out there somewhere (Facebook anyone?). All I can say is I had a great five years there and amazed that we no longer have a uniform!! It was two of the belt for not wearing a tie in my day!!!! Still see Alan Sinclair and Stevie Menzies.

1962 -63 old boys (girls) - Ian Smith 09/11/2014 17:11:42
Hi I was at Hyndland from 58 to 63, looking for "Ghandi", Bill Campbell, Robert Fairley, John McClusky, Ian Millican - anyone there?

Remember me? 'an I'll try an remember u!! - Mary Cummings 25/10/2014 16:18:14
Mary Cummings attended Hyndland Sen. Secondary School as it was called then, being 1966-7/69-70, worked for a year b4 migrating to Perth West Aussie with my family as £10 tourists. Ma Betsy's that I can remember-Marie Sibbett also Linda I'm sure it was Thompson she had red hair & I'm sure she came from Ireland some yrs b4. The only other name I remember is one Eric Paget who was in 5th yr to our 3rd, but any photo's or names from this era would help gi-normously as my memory from then needs a bit of tweeting, then beware I will remember you all warts, skeletons & whatever.....anyhoo will check back & c if anything or one jogs ma grey matters memories....waiting in anticipation, tks Mexx

Left after 5th year in 1970 - Donnie Mathers 01/09/2014 22:43:20
Recognise a few names from the posted comments. Mr Gibb, Mr Short and Jim Francie to name but 3. And also staff Head Gillespie (Big Frank). For career development advice, he lined us up round his study and asked us each what we were going to do when we left. "Computers Sir" I stuttered. And so some kine of career was born. Nice to read others posts.

callum - callum white 11/08/2014 03:29:51
Hi "zeb":, long time 'no see.....remember maths with Mr Bowden-Smith?

Whatever happened to.......... - David Taylor 27/06/2014 00:22:22
The class of 1980, I'm trying to remember who I was at school with
June Finlay, Catriona Campbell, Tommy Lorraine, Lynne Aitchison, Colin Moulson, Alistair Fraser, Bruce Thompson, Edwin Mater, Michael Nelson, David Watts, Stelios Antscak?, David Houston, Alan Skelton, Audrey Edmiston, Beverley Hills, Gwen Courtney, Joan Ritchie, Lesley Glencross,

It would be good to have a reunion in 6 years time or maybe next year??

David. Taylor, London

school visit - ALISTAIR LAIRD 07/06/2014 20:06:40
Hi. I,ve just visited the school for the first time since I left . I,m Alistair Laird and attended the school from 1965 as primary and from 72 to 77 as secondary after it went comprehensive in 72. Completely unrecognisable but none the less great to look round with the aid of great commentary from some of the pupils and a couple of the teachers. If anybody here recognises my name and would like to say hello, feel free !

For Elspeth Lambie - Jean McGilp 13/05/2014 17:08:35
Hello, Elspeth..I was Jean Johnston and remember you from
school orchestra and also knowing
you when I lived in Thornwood Ave.and you lived in a big house in
what we called "The Doods"(no idea why?!!) Nice to see your note.
Bestg wishes, Jean(1st Violins,
Mr McKendrick's orchestra)

Anyone around - David Beveridge 07/04/2014 11:38:57
Hello I was a pupil at Hyndland from 1961 to 1965. I recently reunited with Iain Ferguson and Ian Tannahill after 50 years. It was a marvellous experience. If anyone recognises my name you can see what I have been up to on my website :

School camp at Helmsdale - allan nicol 02/03/2014 21:26:56
Just back from Helmsdale and a lady in the hotel correctly guessed that I was ex-Hyndland because I said I'd been at school camp there. She is wanting to hear from anyone who has memories of those days in the 60s - let me know and I'll pass on her details

Day the school burned down - David Atkinson 25/02/2014 14:26:00
I was at HSS from 1976 to 1982 - and whilst in 2nd/3rd year the 'old building' went on fire at lunchtime and the deputy head Mr Fisher lined us all up outside in the car park and demanded to which prankster had set the fire alarm off whilst we all looked over his shoulder as black smoke billowed up to the sky. Took 2 years to rebuild it and then the old building became the new building and the new building became the old building - teachers I remember with fondness Mrs Steele (French), Mrs MacDonald (English - highly strung but her heart was in the right place), Mr McKay- (Physics) who wonderd how I was so hopeless at anything to do with numbers!! Overall I enjoyed my time at HSS and did ok academically - should have been more musical probably looking back on everything - but with Mrs Lamb as a music teacher that wasn't going to happen - I'm sure she'd no longer around but for those that remember - she liked a wee drink!!!!

Miss - Angela 14/01/2014 01:33:38
Hi I have happy memory's hear. I got a great eduction even though I spent most of my time in school not paying attention now how did that happen lol. If hyndland could provide me with an education I am sure they will help with the next generation lol

Memories Past - Bill Redfern 30/11/2013 04:21:09
I attended HSSS from 1955-60. Joined RAF served 7 years including 3 at Woomera Rocket Range South Australia, returning in 1968. In 1970 I hitch-hiked back to Australia and have lived and worked in the outback with Aboriginal people till I retired in 2010. I did not see the benefit of further education in 1960 but have definitely benefited from the good basic education I received at HSSS.

Ellen McGowan - Charlie 20/11/2013 00:23:57
Hoping that some of you might remember my sister Ellen who attended Hyndland. She was found dead in her home to-day 19th Nov. Lived at 34 Vinest Partick and 10 Wamba Av in Knightswood

Old friends! - Morag Gordon nee. Cameron 07/11/2013 13:43:54
Would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me from Hyndland Sec 1966-69 Great to see the school is still going strong

1947 to 1948 - Jean Knox 08/10/2013 21:55:41
I attended Hyndand after qualifying from Thornwood Primary.
I left with my parents and brother Russell in May 1948 to come to South Africa where I have lived since then. My surname is now Maggs. I still have my class photo on the wall and can still name some of my classmates.
Does anyone still remember me?

school orchestra - Elspeth Lambie now Norman 05/10/2013 22:09:44
Attended school 1949-54 and played in school orchestra during that time including playing in Festival of Britain in London. Happy memories. Mr McKendrick, our conductor,was an inspiration.

Where is everyone from 1961-67 - Andrew young 03/10/2013 21:34:09
I posted the same sort of question a couple of years ago but no takers, so thought I would try again.
Good to see Ronnie Gibb's comments about the cricket team. I remember him as a youngster and we all had a lot of fun then.
A terrific school at that time, and like others I still have my blazer and scarf and happy memories. I would still love to hear from others who were there in 1961-67.

Old Pupil - Thomas Cook 23/09/2013 11:57:56
I attended the school 1983-1987, left in 5th year, during that year i was involved with a magazine being publish for the schools 75th anniversary of its arrival at Clarence Drive.

Few weeks ago i met Mr Docherty on the train and had a chat about the old days and old teachers.

mrs - pam beveridge 08/08/2013 01:20:08
aw i have good memories and nots so good mems. Best mem was at Iain Turpie's place he was playin the theme tune to the professionals : ) what a guy. I seem to remember we did that every thursday ? or sis i make that up? i hope ur happy Iain ur my hero : ) xxx

Still love you Anne! - Kenneth Short 06/08/2013 15:13:28
!966 -1972, I think. I must admit, I didn't really enjoy being picked on because of my last name at first, but Anne Mcolville, how could I forget you. I was totally besotted by you. Drop me a line, Anne, I'd love to hear what's happening to you. the last day at school I remember stealing all the belts with Jim Francie in tow. We were caught red handed by the Bull (Latin) and swiflty handed to the bean, then given six of the best. Jim was nearly six feet tall, and I was a mere five foot six inches, yet I was called the bully!

Jean Johnston 1947-51 - Jean McGilp 05/07/2013 19:49:10
Hope for contact!My classmates included Fay Fotheringham,Rita Swan,Lilias Connel, Jean Gibson,
Moira Campbell, Moira McDonald.
Boys were Garry Conacher,David Deas,Eric Chalmers, alia...
Are any of you still alive & well?
I played in the first Violins with the
School Orchestra, under Mr J.E.
McKendrick and sang in the school
Choir..Ring Any bells,anyone?

School Orchestra 1947-51 - Jean McGilp 30/06/2013 15:14:33
I was Jean Johnston in schooldays
and played violin in Mr McKendrick's orchestra.Headmaster
was Mr David Carson. Anyone else
out there who remembers those
happy days?

1996 - Christian Weigel 08/04/2013 12:07:24
I remember the principal admiring Michael Schumacher and telling jokes about pygmies...
I also remember the latin "spero meliora"!
And Peckham's!!! Millionaire's Shortbread! My god! It tasted the same when I returned in 2010.
Sometimes I still use original recordings from pupils of '96 for my English classes in Germany: "Native speakers!" "Fernsehen mackt die Leute krank und dumm, aber ick glaube das nickt!"

1963 - 1970 - Ronnie gibb 09/02/2013 22:35:02
The best days of your life!!!!!!. I was telling that to my pals in 6th year before I left, and I was right. As mentioned previousley, what happened to the school motto " Spero Meliora", not to mention Hyndland is the only school in Glasgow not to wear a uniform!!!!! WHY!!!!! Hyndland was great, a lot of good teachers and well run! Although never an academoc, I played Golf, Cricket and Ruigby forthe school. I notice there is no golf or cricket team now WHY!!!!!. Also where are some cricket mates who have disappeared, like Gordon Bremner, David Robertson, Dougie Sansome I have round the remainder, and hope to get a reunion some day soo before we all pop our clogs!!!

Past student - Ann Mccolville 02/02/2013 01:18:23
I left in 1966 to go to South Africa, my brother David was also a there , plus my father ad also been there.... so a bit of history .... does anyone remember me ????

The Best Days of your Life - Ronnie Gibb 13/01/2013 14:09:39
I used to tell my pals at school this before I left!!!! Many happy memories, although more in the sporting context than academically!!!!. Sad to see that Hyndland does not wear a uniform any more, and what happened to the logo "Spero Meliori". . This is the grumpy old man surfacing!!!!
Played Rugby and cricket ( I see that cricket has been given the Shove) Won Glasgow R S McColl cricket cup in 1969/1970. I like many others would love to have a reunion

teachers - stuart morrison 14/12/2012 14:19:40
Great teachers.Great school.I was there from 1960 to 1966.Mr Anderson French,Miss Watson Maths,Miss Leitch History,Miss Gray Latin and many others.If anyone remembers me from then my best wishes and stay in touch thru the site

Reunion for those who started Secondary in 1975: 24 August 2012 - David Houston 24/08/2012 17:33:03
I'm looking forward to a reunion that's on tonight in Glasgow - I think around 20 from my year group are expected. There is talk of doing a follow up next year, so hopefully those who didn't hear can join then.

100 years celebrations - sheila mccubbin 27/06/2012 11:13:37
Wondering if there were any plans for a school reunion to celebrate 100 year birthday? I was at Hyndland from 1962/3 to 1968. Still in touch with a few other school friends.

Former Pupil - Moira Munro (nee Blyth) 03/05/2012 15:10:34
I attended Hyndland Primary and Secondary between 1954 and 1959 and since I wore a uniform then (even a panama hat with a ribbon round it) how come the Wikipedia page says it's the only School in Glasgow without a uniform? What happened to it?. The schoolteachers also wore their black robes. The Headmaster of the time used to come on the PA System most days, always starting with "This is the Headmaster addressing the school". He then went on to advise and admonish. I remember one day we were forbidden to buy or suck black gobstoppers because of the mess they made of our teeth and mouths! Oh happy days!

The Past? - J R Ross 14/04/2012 12:16:15
Is there anybody out there from the forties?

Class of 77 - Alan Milmine 28/02/2012 13:35:28
Hello, stumbled across this by accident and just wondered how my old schoolmates are doing now? I was at the school 72-77 when Frank "The Bean" Gillespie was in charge. More good times that bad if truth be told!!

1965-1971 - Elaine Steele(was Ellis) 30/12/2011 11:23:35
1965-1971 Fond memories of all day Home Management lessons with Mrs Biles. Sixth form common room,discos with 39th Precint aka Colin & Eric. Anybody remember Mr Gillespie the head when I left?Still have my tie,scarf & blazer badge! Great school days

Hyndland Primary School - Margaret Maclean 27/12/2011 14:39:22
Yes,Melville (Key),my twin brother Iain & I both remember you. I've only just discovered the website!!

1962-68 - Iain liveston 20/12/2011 19:08:28
Attended 1962-8 Fond memories of school with excellent teaching.. Especially Mr Black our English teacher.. Still see him occasionally .. Still fit ! Went on to Glasgow University and Jordanhill College and taught in Glasgow schools for 36 years retiring in 2009 after 11 years as head teacher. Would love to attend any reunion and meet up with former pupils.

centenary celebrations - Jim Lawrie 20/12/2011 00:10:33
I despair. Some weeks ago I posted a message - as an FP who was in 3rd year when you celebrated your 50th anniversary - suggesting an online book of memories for all FPs. I see my post nowhere. Is it something I said?

Very old PF. - Ronald McAllister 14/12/2011 17:20:47
I was at Hyndland from 1953, but achieved little and left with no qualifications. Entirely my own fault, I hasten to add. I seem to remember a Headmaster by the name of Mr Sands (a very gentle man who become a Scottish Minister), followed by a decidely less apppealing and savoury creature by the name of Brown, also to become Headmaster.
I haven't been near Glasgow for what must be 50 years, so I dont suppose anyone will remember me.
For some strange reason I still retain a Hyndland Senior Secondary School blazer barge, in good condition. If anyone would like to have it, I would be happy to part with it.
Still, something of Hyndland must have rubbed off on me as I managed to educate my own son at Sherborne.

centenary - jim lawrie 24/11/2011 12:43:29
As a former pupil with many more happy memories than otherwise of Hyndland, and who was in third year when the 50th anniversary was celebrated I am curious as to what your celebrations will entail, It strikes me that this would be a wonderful opportunity to compile a book of memories, open to all FPs-still alive! Some years ago I posted a few memories on the Friends Reunited site and was depressed to find what a meagrely used resource it was - and still is. What are your plans for the year ahead?

helloop - thom mcfarlly 18/11/2011 17:34:37
any one no me from 15 years ago if you do add me on onmy email

classics - iain mckinnie 17/11/2011 12:25:31
Attended the "senior secondary" 1970-1974 and the comprehensive 1974 -1976 thanks to brilliant staff sailed through o grades and highers and subsequently graduated 3 times i studied latin and greek with miss gray got straight A's just wondered if school still does classics when i did latin higher 1975 most of our class got A grades and were one of the top schools in scotland for classics sorry that there are no uniforms now i remember in hyndland primary having a summer and a winter uniform

classics - iain mckinnie 17/11/2011 12:25:31
Attended the "senior secondary" 1970-1974 and the comprehensive 1974 -1976 thanks to brilliant staff sailed through o grades and highers and subsequently graduated 3 times i studied latin and greek with miss gray got straight A's just wondered if school still does classics when i did latin higher 1975 most of our class got A grades and were one of the top schools in scotland for classics sorry that there are no uniforms now i remember in hyndland primary having a summer and a winter uniform

The Old School - Jim Kelly 12/10/2011 15:43:18
Great to see the school is going from strength to strength. I still keep in contact with some of my old school mates (Dougie Pringle, Stuart Barclay and Linda Fabiani to name a few) so the school has a lot to answer for. 1968 till 1974 were my years. To any of my former school mates I hope life is treating you well.

Good times - Kenny Dummigan 27/09/2011 12:22:33
I was a pupil at the school from 1963-66 and have many great memories of my time there. My brother, Neil Dummigan, was there some five years after me and my Dad, Alex Dummigan, was there around 25 years prior to me so it is a real family affair. We all live in NW England now.

Past Pupil - Alison Petrie (nee Reid) 04/09/2011 08:02:22
I was a pupil at both the primary and secondary school, finishing in Yr 5 1972.
There was a trophy that my parents dedicated to the school after the tragic accidental death of my 15 year old brother in 1965 (also a pupil). The Ian Reid Memorial Trophy for the schools best male and female athlete. Can you tell me if the trophy still exists?
I now live in Perth Australia and hope to visit Glasgow next year, 2012, in May.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Alison Petrie (was Alison M G Reid).