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S1/S2 BGE Science



The Hyndland S1 and S2  Science courses are delivered using materials written by the department to meet the CfE E’s and O’s.  

In S1 pupils will complete 7 units –1 Lab Safety Introduction unit, 2 with a Chemistry theme, 2 with a Biology theme and 2 with a Physics theme. The same structure is in place for S2, with pupils carrying  out 6 units.

S1 BGE Science Topics S2 BGE Science Topics
Introduction & Lab Safety Electricity
Chemical Reactions Biodiversity
Light & Radiation Acids & Alkalis
Body Systems Microbiology
Matter Earths Materials
Heat Journey to Space

S3 BGE Science

At the end of S2, pupils will have the opportunity to choose subjects they wish to study in S3. Pupils will have the choice of choosing to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics or a combination of the three. These would be the subjects that pupils would be expected to carry into the senior phase when entering S4.

S3 Biology BGE Curriculum

Topics covered include: Body systems and Cells, Inheritance, Biodiversity and Interdependence

S3 Chemistry BGE Curriculum

Topics covered include: Processes of the Planet, Properties and Uses of Substances, Earths Materials, Chemical Changes

S3 Physics BGE Curriculum

Topics covered include: Space, Forces, Electricity, Vibrations and Waves

S3 STEM Core Period

As of August 2017, all S3 pupils will receive a core STEM period, where they will undertake a 10 week science challenge, a 10 week technical challenge, a 10 week modern languages course and 10 weeks study skills. Classes will rotate around the relevent departments throughout the year, ensuring that all pupils are engaged in Science, Technical and Modern Language studies in S3 regardless of their personal choices.