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Senior Phase Physics
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The senior phase physics curriculum provides pupils with a wide knowledge and understanding of physics and its many applications, providing them an opportunity to start unravelling the mysterious workings of the universe, while striving to find answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions. From the smallest sub atomic particles to the vastness of the universe, pupils will be encouraged to use their own developing skills to investigate our environment and our role within it. 

S3 BGE Curriculum

Topics covered include: Space, Forces, Electricity, Vibrations and Waves,

National 5 Curriculum

3 units are studied: Electricity and Energy, Waves and Radiation, Dynamics and Space

Higher Curriculum

3 units are studied: Our Dynamic Universe, Particles and Waves, Electricity

Advanced Higher Curriculum

Units studied are: Rotational Motion and Astrophysics, Quanta and Waves, Electromagnetism

Revision resources for all Physics students can be found at the Physics @ Hyndland PageBBC Bitesize (Nat 5 Physics)BBC Bitesize (Higher Physics), as well as a host of resources which can be accessed through Glow including Scholar and Twig. 

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