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S4-S6 Exams Success Evening Presentation

Many thanks to the families of our S4-S6 learners who attended our virtual Exams Success Evening on Wednesday 22nd September.  We hope this evening was useful as your young person prepares for their National Qualifications this session.


Words of advice from our School Captains:

Isabella Fail 


Try to sign up for the online supported study delivered by Esgoil as I used this for both my Highers in S5 and am now using this for S6. I found comleting past papers useful because they helped me to get an idea of the styles of questions asked in exams. I also added that you can access them on the SQA website. As well as this I talked about how you should try to start working from the start of the year instead of cramming everything in last minute because things are now unpredictable with Covid and it makes you feel more prepared and relaxed. I also added that it is important to make time for down time and time with family and friends.


Daisy Turner 

Time management - creating a study plan through apps like MYSQA reduces stress.

Creating summary notes and flash cards to consolidate the information before using past papers.

Doing lots of past paper questions

And some useful websites are  / coltness academy for science past papers / Mr Marr History



Yours in partnership,

Laura Forrester

Depute Head Teacher S4/S5