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S1/2 Early Secondary Programme - U of G

On Tuesday 4th February and Thursday 6th February, staff from the University of Glasgow will visit the school to work with students in S1 and S2.  The purpose of the visit is to deliver their Early Secondary Programme to the students. 

The programme will be delivered over a 1 period lesson which will involve students being off timetable classes for 1 period that day.  The sessions will be delivered in groups of 30 in register groups.  The Early Secondary Programme focuses on providing students with information about careers and university courses.    A different focus is delivered to each year group as follows:

S1 – Tuesday 4th Feb        

Introduction to University Life - What is Higher and Further Education?   What courses can you

study?  What does studying look like at University / College?


S2 – Thursday 6th Feb        

Subject choices - What subjects are useful for particular careers and why?  

Entry requirements for courses at Universities (not only the University of Glasgow) and Colleges.


Following the input in school, the students will undertake additional work on the topics above during Personal and Social Education (PSE). 

The programme has been delivered for a number of sessions now and we are confident that this will be both a useful and interesting experience for the students next week.

If you have any further questions about any aspects of the programme please contact Mrs Forrester, Depute Head Teacher, at the school.