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Listening Texts (Sarah)
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Use the following texts along with your short esay texts booklet.

Listen and answer the questions below. You can check your answers by clicking on the Listening Texts Answers link on main Higher French page! Remember you can use a dictionary!

1. Aller à L'université

Questions: Aller à l’université

1.       What does she plan to study at university? (3)

2.       Why does she think it is important to not stop studying straight after High School? (3)

3.       What does she see as being an advantage of going to university? (2)

4.       What drawbacks does she mention? (3)

Total: 17 marks

2.Garder la peche

Questions: Garder la pêche

1.       What does Sarah find annoying with regards to physical activity?(2)

2.       What does she enjoy doing instead? (1)

3.       Why does she think this is a good idea?(1)

4.       What  sports does Sarah do? (2)

5.       What benefits does she find in exercising? (3)

6.       Why does she think it is a good idea for people to go to gym classes? (2)

7.       What does she think is the most important thing about exercising? (1)

Total: 12 marks

3. Internet et les ordinateaurs

 Questions: Internet et les ordinateurs

1.       When did Sarah buy her computer? (2)

2.       What does she us it for? (3)

3.       What disadvantage does she mention about the internet? How does she overcome this? (3)

4.       What does she normally use the internet for and why? (3)

5.       What problem does she often experience when carrying out research on the internet?(2)

6.       What does she suggest you do instead? (2)

7.       What does she think about internet shopping? (2)

Total: 17 marks

4. L'alcool

Questions L’alcool

1.       When do French people regularly have a glass of wine? (1)

2.       What does Sarah find distasteful?  (2)

3.       Why does she think that young people enjoy drinking? (3)

4.       What opinion does she have regarding drinking?(2)

Total: 8 marks

5. l'argent de poche

Questions: L'argent de poche: Sarah talks about how she earns some pocket money

1.       Why does Sarah no longer receive pocket money? (2)

2.       How much did she used to receive from her parents and what does she say about this amount? (2)

3.       What did she normally spend her pocket money on? (2)

4.       What comparison does she make between Scotland and France? (2)

5.       Nowadays she must work to earn money. When does she normally work in summer? (2)

6.       What does do to earn money the rest of the year? (2)

7.       Why does she mention her grandparents? (2)

Total: 14 marks

6. l'uniforme scolaire

7. la cigarette

8. le choix des matières

9. le stress des exams

10. les devoirs

11. les fast-food

12. les matières

13. les points forts et les points faibles

14. les professeurs

15. Passe-temps

Questions: Passe-temps

Sarah talks about her hobbies and what she likes to do in her free time.

1.       Why does Sarah think it is important to take part in activities out with school? (2)

2.       What does she like to do? (1)

3.       Why does she prefer to go to Perth? (3)

4.       What activities does she particularly enjoy and why? (3)

5.       What does she tend to do at the weekend? (3)

6.       How does she normally travel about? (1)

7.       What does she describe as a ‘ritual’? (2)

Total : 15 marks

16. si j'avais plus d'argent

17. Si j'avais plus de temps