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1. Aller à l’université

1.       What does she plan to study at university? (3)

English literature, translation and celtic civilisation

2.       Why does she think it is important to not stop studying straight after High School? (3)

You will gain a good job in future/it is more interesting to go to university and study why you really enjoy/you can get rid of all the school subjects that you thought were useless or boring  e.g. sport and physics

3.       What does she see as being an advantage of going to university? (2)

At university you study the subjects that are useful for your future employment/ it is good to feel that you are not wasting your time on classes you are not interested in and you are more motivated

4.       What drawbacks does she mention? (3)

University courses are often long and cost and cost a lot(are very expensive) so you therefore have to find a part time job after  classes or at weekend/As your studies take up a lot of your work time, you have very little free time.

 2. Garder la pêche

1.       What does Sarah find annoying with regards to physical activity?(2)

She can’t stand staying at home ,  sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing, it’s boring

2.       What does she enjoy doing instead? (1)

She prefers going out and doing a little bit of sport

3.       Why does she think this is a good idea?(1)

She thinks that people should do at least one hour of sport each week to avoid stress and keep fit/energetic

4.       What  sports does Sarah do? (2)

Really likes going to the swimming pool in her free time/ regularly goes for long walks with her dog.

5.       What benefits does she find in exercising? (3)

It is  very relaxing and it is good for you to breathe in fresh air

6.       Why does she think it is a good idea for people to go to gym classes? (2)

The instrutctors/teachers can give you advice and offer different fitness programmes depending on your level

7.       What does she think is the most important thing about exercising? (1)

To enjoy  it/yourself!

 3. L’alcool

1.       When do French people regularly have a glass of wine? (1)

During their meal/once the cheese is brought out

2.       What does Sarah find distasteful?  (2)

To see young people in most of Europe starting to drink large quantities of alcohol younger and younger.

3.       Why does she think that young people enjoy drinking? (3)

It is forbidden- you have to be over 16 to buy alcohol and it is forbidden to drink in the streets

4.       What opinion does she have regarding drinking?(2)

It is dangerous and it’s not worth it- you could die!

Total: 8 marks