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Higher French Course Overview
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Higher French

Final Revision Guide:

By now you should have covered the following topics/themes (points 4 & 5 will be covered after the prelim, 2014):


Theme 1: Lifestyles and the Wider World


1 Family, friends and relationships

2 Family conflicts

3 Ideal parents

4 Holidays with or without parents

5 Ideal holidays/tourism

6 Home area

7 Leisure and healthy living

8 Television and films

Theme 2: Education and Work

9 School and teachers

10 School uniform

11 Subject choice [including reasons for studying a language]

12 Future aspirations


What can I do to prepare for my exams?
Remember, the topics above may appear in the Reading and Listening section, as well as the personal response (short essay) section of the exam. You should try to revise vocabulary for these topics as much as possible, as well as reading and listening to texts from these themes.


For the personal response (short essay) prepare a couple of paragraphs (or at least one!) on each of the following questions. These essay titles are not always guaranteed but the vocabulary will definitely help you to structure your response. Also, remember to use the Short Essay help sheet with opinions and useful phrases you were given before the Easter holidays.


Short Essay Example Questions

1. How do you get on with your family?

2. Is it difficult being a parent?

3. What are the qualities that an ideal parent should have and why?

4. What do you think about going on holiday with your parents?

5. What would you ideal holiday be?

6. What is there to do for tourists in your area?

7. Do you like where you live?

8. Is it better to live in the town or the countryside?

9. Are leisure and sport important to you?

10. What makes for a healthy lifestyle?

11. What do think about smoking and taking drugs?

12. Is TV important for you?

13. Do you prefer going to the cinema or watching films on video or TV?

14. Is school important for you?

15 What are the differences between Scottish and French schools?

16. What would you change? What would your ideal school be like?

17.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform?

18.  Which subjects did you choose and why? Why is learning a language important?

19. What are your future plans?

20. Is it a good idea to go straight to university after you leave school? Is a gap year a good idea?

21. Is work experience a good idea?

22. What job do you want to do in the future and why?


Directed Writing

Directed Writing is ALWAYS in the past or imperfect tense. Use the help sheet you were given before Easter to learn basic phrases in the past tenses.

Remember this is an easy paper to get full marks in if you PREPARE!!!!!!

The scenario each year may change, but you can predict the 6 bullet points.



  • Staying with a pen friend and family
  • A visit to the town you are twinned with
  • A family celebration
  • A friend’s birthday
  • A friend’s sister’s wedding
  • Your pen friend
  • Your pen friend’s parent’s wedding anniversary
  • A sporting event
  • A competition
  • An International Youth Conference
  • A summer school/camp
  • Work experience
  • Summer job
  • School exchange
  • School trip, youth hostel
  • Family holiday in a gîte.
  • School skiing trip
  • Show a visiting choir the sights of your town/area
  • Visit a friend who is ill, you go sightseeing
  • Belgian pupils visiting your school, a party
  • French students visit your school
  • You visit a French speaking school

Look at the following Directed Writing checklist. Follow this advice and you will be well prepared for the final exam!!