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This section is currently being updated. For more information on Curriculum for Excellence, please go to:  
  We have added some documents to our Literacy, Numeracy and Primary to Secondary Transition sections (on the right)  
   At Hyndland Secondary, our pupils are:  
  Confident Individuals: Effective Contributers:  
  • Pupils take part in a range of sporting activities 
  • Pupils are involved in making decisions around the school though Junior and Senior Pupil Council 
  • Pupils participate in public speaking and debates
  • Pupils lead many of the activities that take place outside the classroom e.g. fund raising, discos to name a few 
  • Pupils interact with staff and help to improve the quality of the learning experiences throughout the school
  •  S2 and S6 Pupils assisted in the recent P7 Taster sessions
  Responsible Citizens: Successful Learners:  
  • Pupils collect lots of good for the "Christmas Shoe Box Appeal", where tinned and packaged foodstuffs are collected and taken to local old folks home
  • The school offers a wide range of courses that are available at many different levels
  • Pupils have collections money for the Poppy Appeal
  • Pupils attend supported study during prelims, exams and at the revision classes during the Spring Holiday
  • There are Fairtrade and Amnesty Groups which pupils attend
  • Senior pupils help out in classes and before school the assist with literacy and numeracy programmes