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For more information on Curriculum for Excellence, click here.

We have added some documents to our Literacy, Numeracy and Primary to Secondary Transition sections here.

At Hyndland School our pupils are:

Confident Individuals:

·         Pupils take part in a range of sporting activities

·         Pupils participate in public speaking and debates

·         Pupils interact with staff and help to improve the quality of the learning experiences throughout the school

Effective Contributors:

·         Pupils are involved in making decisions around the school through Junior and Senior Pupil Council

·         Pupils lead many of the activities that take place outside the classroom e.g. fundraising, discos to name a few

·         S2 and S6 pupils assisted in the recent P7 taster sessions

Responsible Citizens:

·         Pupils collect lots of goods for the “Christmas Shoe Box Appeal”, where tinned and packaged food items are taken to local old folk’s homes

·         Pupils have collections money for the Poppy Appeal

·         There are Fairtrade and Amnesty Groups which pupils attend

Successful Learners:

·         The school offers a wide range of courses that are available at many different levels

·         Pupils attend supported study during prelim exams and at revision classes during the Spring holiday

·         Senior pupils help out in classes and before school they assist with literacy and numeracy programmes