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Standard Grade

This course is designed for the enthusiastic pupil regardless of their ability who wishes to gain a National Standard Grade award in Physical Education. Each student who completes the course will be presented at Foundation, General or Credit level depending on his or her progress. The Scottish Qualifications Authority validates all levels of performance

The course is built upon the following practical areas of work

·        Football                             Basketball

·        Life Saving                       Hockey

·        Table Tennis                    Thematic Study (Fitness)

·        Badminton                        Gymnastics

Through active participation in these areas, pupils will develop

Practical Performance

The focus here is to raise pupils' level of skill in the activities above, as this contributes to 50% of their overall mark

Evaluation Skills

This unique aspect of the course focusses on developing Observation Skills through practical work which improves their practical performance and their understanding of it. This counts for 25% of their overall mark and is assessed externally by video examination in May. Prelim in December (S4)

Knowledge and Understanding

Here pupils learn through their practical class work how their bodies function during excercise, how the rules and tactics of an activity are applied and how skills can be improved. Assessment is marked externally through video examination in May. Prelim in December (S4)


Appropriate clothing as requested by the Physical Education Department. Further information is readily available at Parent's Night


Practical Performance                       50%, internally marked, externally moderated

Knowledge and Understanding       25%, externally marked

Evaluation                                            25%, externally marked


It is the department policy to give as little homework as possible as the course is geared towards active learning during class work. However, as the prelim and final examinations approach, homework will be issued on a more regular basis

Courses Available in S5 / S6

Practical Performance Unit only at Intermediate 2 / Higher

Career Information

Knowledge of movement is useful for careers such as physiotherapy and osteopathy. A qualification and interest in PE / Sport is recommended for leisure and recreation workers and very useful for the police or armed forces

NB: Pupils considering the Standard Grade course should appreciate that they may be required to swim, dependant upon the practical activities selected for their class