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Aerial View of Hyndland Parish Church, 1996


Hyndland secondary regularly visits its local church during Christmas and Easter.



In June 1878 the `Tin Church` was brought to Hyndland Road, and was erected opposite the present Church. The `Tin Church` had come from Byres Road, where it was used by Hillhead Parish Church. Its new location, which at that time was on the edge of the built-up area, was highly convenient for the rapidly expanding congregation in Kelvinside and Dowanhill.



Hyndland Parish Church (1887), now an `A` Listed Building, was beautifully designed and carefully executed in an almost mediaeval style by the well-known architect William Leiper. The stained glass windows were by Gordon Webster, and the organ by Henry Willis. The Church was one of the earliest red sandstone buildings in the West End. Behind it stands Hanover Terrace, the only part of Hyndland developed prior to 1887, now part of Kingsborough Gardens.

The Church is now surrounded by tenements and terraces, and serves the dense urban community of Hyndland. In 1929 the building of Hyndland United Free Church at 24 Novar Drive was acquired by Hyndland Parish Church and has been used ever since as Halls for the congregation and the community.

To date there have been 9 ministers:

John Service, D.D. 1878-1884
Henry John Graham 1884 -1906
Matthew Gardner, T.D., D.D. 1906-1939
John Lamb, C.V.O., D.D. 1923-1937
Edward T Vernon, M.A. 1938-1947
James Hay Hamilton, M.A. B.D. J.P. 1948-1968
John A Macnaughton, M.A., B.D. 1968-1989
John C Christie, B.Sc., B.D.

Craig Lancaster MA BD.            


(information from Hyndland local history-


Hyndland residents’ association


Corner of Queensborough Gdns and Hyndland Rd

The Association was set up to represent the aspirations and concerns of the residents of Hyndland and to preserve and enhance the character and amenity of Hyndland and the surrounding area. For more general information about the association you may also look at the Constitution.