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Whats Happening@Hyndland 
Whats Happening@Hyndland
27 Feb

Guidance to schools - COVID 19 - Corona Virus

Please find below a link to guidance for educational settings produced by Health Protection Scotland. This guidance has been emailed to all parents/carers for information only. http://www.hyndland-sec.

14 Feb

S2 Options Information Evening - Presentations

Many thanks to the parents/carers who attended our S2 Information Evening last night (Thursday 13th February) which focused on helping to support our young people with the S2 Options Choice Process.

31 Jan

S2 Reports and Course Choice Letter

On Friday 31st January 2020, all students in S2 were issued with both a letter regarding upcoming course choice events and timings as well as their most recent tracking report which provides an indication

17 Jan

YPI Final - Wednesday 29th January

On Wednesday 29th January we will hold our final of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. All S5 students have been involved in this programme since August. Six different charities will be included in

15 Jan

Community Cafe - drop-in for parents/carers

Hyndland Community Cafe We would like to invite all Parents & Carers to our morning drop-in session on the last Friday of each month from 9.30-10.30am in our School Nurture Base.

12 Dec

S5/S6 Full Reports - Issued 13/12/19

All students in S5 and S6 will be issued with their full parental report on Friday 13th December. A copy of the letter which accompanies the full report can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

20 Feb

S5/6 Parents Meeting - Thurs 27th Feb

Our S5/6 parents meeting will take place on Thursday 27th February from 4.15pm. HOW ARE APPOINTMENTS MADE? You should visit to open

03 Feb

Supported Study - S4-S6 students

Students in S4, S5 and S6 will be issued with a copy of the latest ASPIRE supported study programme which will begin from week beginning Monday 3rd February. A number of subjects will offer support

31 Jan

S4 Parents Evening - Tues 18th Feb

Our S4 parents meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 18th February from 4.15pm onwards. Parents/carers should go online to book appointments by following the link: https://www.parents-booking.

15 Jan

S1/2 Early Secondary Programme - U of G

On Tuesday 4 th February and Thursday 6 th February, staff from the University of Glasgow will visit the school to work with students in S1 and S2. The purpose of the visit is to deliver their Early

10 Jan

S2 Course Choice Information Evening

On Thursday 13th February we will hold our S2 Subject Choice Information Evening aimed at parents/carers and students in S2. The purpose of the evening is to provide an overview of how the subject choice

12 Dec

S4-6 Prelim Calendar & Masterclass timetables

All students in S4-S6 have been issued with an assessment calendar detailing the dates and times of the prelims in January. They have also been issued with a copy of the masterclass timetable which

Senior Phase College Prospectus  
Senior Phase College Prospectus

The session 2020-2021 Senior Phase College Prospectus is now available for students and parents to view.  This can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Click here to download the College Prospectus


Students can register by clicking on the link below:



Social Media 
Social Media